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Easily integrate advanced conversation intelligence capabilities to supercharge your virtual events, webinars, and social apps. Delight customers and create accessible experiences by analyzing all conversations in real-time and post-event.

Make Events More Accessible and Inclusive

Automatically index events so live attendees can search for keywords and phrases, and late attendees can catch up by quickly viewing topics and questions discussed.

Show the current topic of discussion and important questions asked for the audience to keep pace with how the conversation flows.

Enable effective search, catch-up and further content recommendations

Automatically index the event enabling the search by keywords, phrases, enable late attendees to catch up to the event by showing a historic transcript with topics and last questions asked.

Based on the engagement of watched events, enable future content recommendations.

Make breakout rooms actionable

Amplify the experience of breakout sessions by automatically recommending follow-up meetings and providing a record of the conversation.

  • Detect and measure attendee engagement and sentiment in real-time and asynchronously
  • Ingest and analyze voice, video, and text data with a single platform
  • Real-time scalable implementation
  • Live captioning and transcription with topic and sentiment tracking at the sentence level

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Real-time, intelligent transcription for video, audio, and text


Auto extract and organize all any conversation by relevant topics


Conversation data classifiers for extracting unique business insights