The Complete Conversational Intelligence Solution is Here

Programmable Voice and Text SDK to analyze natural free-flowing human conversations with integrations using Websocket, SIP, PSTN and REST

Speech Analytics

Automated speech recognition, multiple speaker separation, sentence boundary detections, punctuations and sentiments. 

Work Tool Integrations

Extensible integrations using webhooks and out of the box integrations with calendar, email and more.


Actionable Text Analytics

Insights like Action items, follow-ups, ideas, questions, decisions along with summarized topics of the conversation.

Customizable UI Widgets

 The first fully-programmable conversational intelligence platform with UI widgets to create embedded experience natively in applications. 

Real-Time Dashboards

Top level view of the conversations across users and businesses using pre-built, real-time dasboards


What is your pricing model?

You only pay if and when your customers use the capability of your platform based on the number of minutes analyzed or the number of words sent to our APIs. 

How do you handle data privacy?

We understand the privacy of the conversations of your customers and put extensive efforts and make sure that personal information data is never stored with us. We use Data Layer Protection to mask all the personal data like names, SSN, credit card information and more that people talk in meetings and mask it even before much before it is fed in our data training pipeline.

Will the users need to set up a trigger word or call out the name of an assistant to take action items?

No, we are building a passive intelligence embedded natively in workflows that will provide automated recommendations to the users based on the conversation understanding. We understand that calling out an assistant is not possible in all different types of meetings and is also difficult to remember. Sometimes the most important things are the ones that you don’t take note of. 

Will you use the data for making the AI platform smarter?

We do appreciate it if you allow us to learn from the end-users engagement with the generated output that will help us provide more relevant insights to them. However, if you do not want us to use your data for learning purposes, we do provide the APIs with learning option disabled and no data retention. 

What kind of UX or UI do you provide?

We provide a complete meeting intelligence experience that can be embedded as is in your application for the post-meeting summary or you can select the components of the same and built your own. We also provide the same components in real-time.  

How real-time are actionable outcomes?

We really mean real-time – so just the time it takes for you to finish the sentence and think in your mind if that was an important thing to note, our platform takes the same time. On an average depending on the length of the sentence, it could take between 2 to 5 seconds to show the action items and relevant outcomes 

What are actionable insights and can it be customized?

We generate a number of insights – todos, follow-ups, ideas, decisions, and questions. On a more abstract level, we are able to identify the actionable content of the conversation that can be customized based on the use case. We also suggest any real-time actions be performed – like follow on calendar invites, etc

Do I need to pay for every user that is using the capability?

No, even if there are 20 people in a conversation, we only charge based on the actual talk time of the call. We have extensive volume discounts that help us become a part of your long term product and business strategy as you scale. 

Do you detect actionable content from the conversation based on keywords?

No. we are built on a proprietary deep learning framework where we have done extensive work in identifying important parts of the conversation only based on the contextual understanding. 

Can I also get full transcripts or only actionable insights?

Sure, we provide both transcription, insights and actionable outcomes from the conversation. We feel the end-user should have access to all this information and the key lies in navigating the information flawlessly. 

How can I try the platform?

For developers, you can try our APIs on both voice and text. We can provide some initial credits for you to get started with the integration and testing. 

Where can I sign up and get access?

We are still in closed beta and working closely with a few customers. You can sign up on our website here and we will get back to you with all the details. 

Can I use my own speech to text?

Sure, we provide some options for native integrations of Speech to Text that we already have in place – Google, Microsoft, Deepgram. However, you are free to create a custom integration for Speech to Text API.

For end-users, it is always challenging for us to have you try the experience of APIs. If you are a business or enterprise looking to adopt the solution but not have your own digital transformation team, we can set up a real trial for you and you can work with some of our preferred implementation partners to adopt this solution in your workflows.

Where are you hosted?

We are hosted in the cloud and hence have the flexibility to scale as you need to grow.