Call Score

Obtain numerical assessment and concise feedback on a conversation to evaluate conversation quality and participant performance at scale.


Automation at Scale

The low code API makes it easy for developers to automate call assessments at scale, significantly reducing labor, cost, and time required compared to human led reviews.

Adapts to Business Context

Powering Call Score API is Symbl’s generative AI that is capable of accepting additional input information such as conversation type and sales stage to adapt how it processes different task instructions and business scenarios.

Context Rich Output

Call Score API provides context rich, unbiased explanations accompanying each score in JSON format.

Multiple conversation types

Call Score currently supports two types of conversations: Sales and General

Holistic evaluation criteria

Based on conversation type, participant’s call score is derived from level of engagement, ability of handle questions, adherence to sales process and driving new sales opportunities

Intent driven

Adjusted scoring weight model tailored to stage of sales process – ‘Qualification’, ‘Discovery’, ‘Demo’, ‘Proposal’ and ‘Negotiation’

Use Cases

Sales Performance

Objectively evaluate sales agent performance and drive coaching to increase conversion rates

Customer Service

Measure how conversation quality changes over time to maximize customer experience


Track if agents are aligning with applicable regulatory requirements as well as internal policies and procedures

Supply Chain Management

Improve communication effectiveness with vendors for smoother operations


Generate Call Score using Call Recordings

Simply upload a text transcript or audio / video recording of your conversation through Async API and use the Call Score API to generate a call score.

Populate Call Scores in Salesforce CRM

Integrate with using the Sales Intelligence package to push call scores directly to your CRM and use CRM analytics tools to generate reports based on call scores.

Embed pre-built UI into your application

Leverage the pre-built Call Summary UI for an out of the box interface to display scores along with other conversation insights such as summary, sentiment analysis, next steps, and Q&A