Human Intelligence
for Enterprises's conversation understanding and generative AI technology unlocks the full potential of human conversations – to achieve your goals.

We make humans smarter.’s Human Intelligence Platform empowers your people with real-time engagement, predictive experiences and continuous learning during virtual conversations, including sales, customer service, human resources and employee communications.


Drive outcome-driven conversations with real-time context and insights during virtual sales meetings, including topic detection, objection handling, decision maker engagement and next steps — supercharging salespeople and better understanding buyers.

Customer Service Intelligence

Empower contact center agents with real-time assist apps, next generation call progress analysis and tracking, sentiment analysis, automated summaries and key topics — increasing agent productivity and improving the customer experience.


Connect HR managers with intelligence for recruiting and retaining employees, including real-time interview coaching, performance review summaries and actions, and automated compliance — empowering HR leaders and improving employee engagement.


Enable intelligent interactions between employees and customers to drive better outcomes with AI-powered call progress analysis, call tracking, topic analysis and automated summaries — increasing employee productivity and improving customer engagement.

Meeting Intelligence

Accelerate meeting output and value with real-time transcriptions and key topics to generate action items and workflows in real-time — driving attendee productivity and capturing meeting intelligence for all employees.

AI Exploration Workshop

Let us show you what’s possible with real-time understanding and generative AI for enterprise conversations during a complimentary 90-minute collaborative workshop. We’ll deliver a personalized program, answer your questions, and provide three quick wins for your organization.

Developer Friendly,
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Easily process conversations and extract insights in real-time across
all conversation channels with a few simple APIs.

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Accelerate your AI efforts with ready-to-use, pre-defined models designed specifically for human-to-human conversations. We employ an API-first approach that empowers you to build solutions specifically for your business or application — quickly.

We provide enterprise-grade security, including support for SOC2 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and CSA CAIQ, backed by enterprise-level support and committed SLAs.

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