Boost your decision making combining business data with conversation insights Business Intelligence Integrations addresses this challenge head-on, offering a solution that enables businesses to gain unparalleled insights. By fusing Symbl’s conversation analysis with proprietary data sources, you can unlock hidden patterns, sentiments, and contextual cues that traditional methods miss. This holistic approach empowers informed decision-making, drives operational efficiency, and enhances customer understanding, ultimately leading to improved products and services.

Amplify Business Intelligence with Conversations Insights.

Choose your own analytics platform including Tableau, PowerBi, Looker, Sisense, Qlik, ThoughtSpot, and connect Symbl’s insights and your domain specific data.

Easy data transformation

Technical teams face the task of transforming raw conversational data into formats compatible with BI tools. provides structured conversation data and pushes data in real-time so that you don’t have to spend time building pipelines.

Customer-centric approach

Tailor strategies with precision. Leverage conversation insights to uncover customer sentiments, feedback, and needs, allowing you to align your business strategies with your customers’ evolving expectations.

Rich visualizations

Transform conversations into actionable insights.’s BI integration allows you to create interactive visualizations that combine structured and unstructured data, providing a more comprehensive view of your business landscape. Sales Intelligence for sales and revenue operations leaders

Tableau’s integration with Tableau brings a new dimension to your business intelligence efforts. Elevate your data-driven decision-making process by infusing real-time structured conversation insights into your Tableau dashboards

Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work
Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work

Power BI’s integration with Power BI amplifies your business intelligence capabilities by integrating the power of AI-driven conversation insights. Enhance your analytics with the context derived from customer interactions, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of your data and better decision-making.