Summaries, Questions, & Action Items

Extract clear and concise summaries of conversations immediately after the call across any channel with ‘Summary’.



Generate Actionable Summaries

Distill conversations data generated from video, audio or transcripts into concise summaries with abstractive summarization models.

High accuracy and effectiveness

Using speaker separation, the model can pinpoint specific speakers and their utterances, resulting in a more effective and useful summary.

Customizable summary formats

Using the pre-built Summary UI, the format and length of summaries can be customized based on user preferences


Customizable summary format

Obtain summary in bullet-list or paragraph format to understand chronology of events and for follow-ups

Customizable summary length

‘Short’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Long’ options available for conversation summary

Use Cases


Sales call

Summarize external sales calls to identify key pain points and product preferences of clients


Product development

Summarize customer calls to generate product backlog recommendations and transform product brainstorming


Caller engagement

Analyze call summaries in conjunction with other powerful analytics to gauge caller engagement and satisfaction


Processing asynchronous conversations

Submit recorded or saved conversations in video and audio formats through the Async API.

Create summary for a conversation

Use the ‘Get Summary’ request to get a summary for the desired conversation

Insights in preferred format

Leverage ‘Summary UI’ to obtain summary dashboard in desired format