Meeting Notes

Generate concise notes for internal and external meetings and customize to your meeting type of business outcomes you are driving.


Personalized summaries on the go

Create summaries of varied length or formats for both high-level and in-depth views on live calls. Mention the topics of focus and generate topic specific summaries.

Track and follow up on action items

Compose a list of pending action items for the team on the call and generate a followup email summarizing the next steps to ensure adequate team communication.

Identify unanswered questions

Search for questions that remain unresolved and provide needed clarifications on the spot, ensuring proper communication and improving meeting productivity.


Generate notes: summaries, action items, and other aspects on the live call. For instance, you catch up on conversations, capture the perspective of other teams on the call, and take strategic decisions as a team, minimizing after call coordination and making calls more productive.


Build with low code experience and generate notes specific to your business and domain – for example as a healthcare practitioner, your notes will include patient handling time or patient vitals.

Purpose built AI

Purpose-built for conversations to accurately capture notes from an unstructured spoken language . Deploy in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment or your own cloud, so that your notes remain private to you.


Sales calls

Generate notes for external sales calls to identify key pain points and product preferences of clients and auto update in CRM. 

Product Development

Summarize customer calls to generate product backlog recommendations, transform product brainstorming calls while capturing the perspectives of distinct members of the cross-functional team and upload on Jira or Confluence to take further action.


As a podcaster, generate a list of relevant keywords on a concept to optimize web performance. Transform podcasts into concise summary around specific topics of interest and increase SEO performance.

Customer service

Automatically update notes into CRM with context of the customer grievance and optimize call handling times and customer experience. Auto label the calls with sentiments and intents for taking specific corrective actions.



Nebula is a proprietary large language model (LLM) trained to perform generative tasks on human conversations and models the nuanced details of a conversation.

Summary API

API to create a clear and concise summary for a conversation using live or recorded call.

Insights UI

Enables users to present conversation insights such as call score, summary, and call sentiment in an easy-to-read and scannable format.