Ensure confidentiality by identifying and concealing sensitive information from transcripts.

A visual of a conversation with colorful waveforms connecting speech bubbles containing dialog, alongside microphone and video icons.


Redact using supported entities

Start redacting with our comprehensive library of 50 commonly observed sensitive data entities across PII, PCI and PHI data categories.

Privacy by design

Symbl’s Redaction API helps you automate compliance with major privacy and data security regulatory requirements such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), among others.

Customize entity redaction

Custom entities can be easily defined and implemented that aren’t covered by’s managed entities, such as detecting organization-specific jargons and acronyms.

A transcript interface showing highlighted entities like PHI, PII, Custom Entity, and PCI, with a background of audio waveforms and user icons.

Real-time redaction

Obtain real-time, low latency redaction of sensitive information from conversations

Multiple redaction output formats

Choose between the ‘default’ format, obfuscate or define custom string for redacted output

No third-party access

Sensitive data always remains in your environment and control without any third party getting access

Use Cases

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Data privacy compliance

Anonymize protected information and store redacted versions of transcripts containing sensitive information to achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and PCI SSC.

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Automate workflows

Automatically remove privileged or confidential information from documents and route the information to secure areas without unnecessary human exposure

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Employee Training

Enable re-use of real world samples with protected data redacted.


Processing real-time conversations

Get an active WebSocket connection to the Streaming API for live conversation transcription and intelligence.

Generate redacted transcript

Use ‘Get messages’ operation to generate redacted transcript

List of support entities

View list of support entities and how to create custom entities