Enforce compliance seamlessly into your cloud by real-time alerts, monitoring and masking of PII, PHI, and PCI data across all conversation data.


Identify PII, PHI, and PCI data in real-time or periodically using flexible APIs

Detect instances of any sensitive data such as PII, PHI, and PCI in a conversation as it happens. Reduce overhead of going through call recordings and increase efficiency to validate audits.

Anonymize, mask, or obfuscate sensitive data

Replace sensitive data by value type, asterisk, or using a custom method of your choice. For example: replace the name Bruce to [Name] or *****

Find compliance gaps

Analyze conversations for gaps against regulatory requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, PCI or others and against internal compliance policies.


Handle sensitive and unformatted PII, PHI, and PCI data in realtime to avoid any blindspots in compliance and incident management.


Fully programmable with a few lines of code that enables you to respond to evolving definitions of sensitive data and compliance requirements in your specific industry such as PCI in payments industry or HIPAA in healthcare in the tools or datastore of your choice.

Purpose built AI

Purpose–built AI-models and embeddings for conversions and offered in a virtual private cloud (VPC) environment to ensure the sensitive customer data is protected, ensuring data privacy.