Intent Tracking

Decode intents in real time, multi-party, and unstructured conversations that are contextual to each step of the customer journey.


Identify any intent in a multi-party conversation in real time or asynchronously

Analyze intents of multiple participants in a complex interaction such as business negotiations on the go to identify their desires or areas of concerns, reducing overhead of going through recordings.

Discover intent specific to a segment in the conversation

Identify intent across different segments to gain intelligence specific to the phase of the conversation, for example: product ideation or go-to-market (GTM) plans.

Assess how intent has evolved during the conversation

Track shifting intent or motivations throughout a dialogue to adapt responses and steer the conversation accordingly, influencing stakeholders better and fast tracking strategic decisions.


Symbl’s platform enables you to detect intents to understand where a customer is in the journey, take needed action, and drive successful outcomes such as cross/upselling or providing support – all in real time to improve customer experience.


Our APIs and generative AI model are fully programmable with low code experience which enables you to assess intents specific to your domain or interests such as urgent care in the healthcare or hotel reservation in travel industry.

Purpose built AI

Purpose-built for conversations to accurately detect intents across an unstructured conversation in any format. Since our models and embeddings are offered in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, your confidential data: intent analysis and customer profiles remain private to you.