Get Conversation Insights to your preferred data stores

Elevate your data-driven strategies with and unlock the potential of enriched insights within your data stores.’s integrations with leading data stores like Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake, AWS S3, AWS Redshift, Databricks, and Microsoft SQL Server redefine the way you approach data analysis and storage. By infusing data with AI-driven conversation insights, these integrations empower businesses to delve deeper, understand better, and make more informed decisions.

Your Data Store, Enriched with Conversation Insights integrates with all the top data store available from Google, AWS, Microsoft, Snowflake and Databricks. Don’t worry about the data transfer and managing data pipelines as we manage them.

360-Degree View

All your data, from diverse sources, is at your fingertips. No longer are insights fragmented; they come together to provide a comprehensive, panoramic view of your customers, products, trends, and operations.

Comprehensive Data Enrichment

Elevate Data with Context-Rich Insights.’s integrations infuse your data with AI-driven conversation insights, transforming it from static information to dynamic, context-rich insights. This enrichment empowers your analysis and decision-making efforts, leading to more impactful strategies.

Efficiency and Agility

With all data in one place, analysis and reporting become streamlined and efficient. This enhances agility, enabling your teams to respond rapidly to changing market dynamics and customer needs.

Resource Optimization

Centralizing data minimizes duplication of efforts. Developers focus on one integration process, reducing effort and optimizing resource utilization.