The Conversation Intelligence Platform empowers developers and enterprise builders to use AI to optimize a broad range of business conversations using purpose-built APIs and flexible UIs.  Our technology enables businesses to leverage AI augmented experiences to improve Enterprise productivity. Today we’re excited to announce a new programmable API addition, Insights UI, to the REST API portfolio aimed at helping builders and developers innovate quickly with Symbl powered customizable solutions for Enterprise organizations.

To help developers with speed to value, we’re launching a new low code option “Insights UI” that is designed to work in conjunction with the recently released Call Score API.  Our new API embodies Symbl’s programmability and customizability API design philosophies — significantly reducing developer efforts while at the same time offering solutions that can be adapted to a broad range of business scenarios.

Individual APIs to Low Code APIs

Insights UI

Insights UI API invokes a customizable pre-built UI presentation layer that can be easily integrated into a front end application.  Insights UI can be invoked with or without the Call Score component.  Insights UI incorporates other data elements including Sentiment Analysis, Summary, and Questions, which together with Call Score provides deeper insights and transparency, and engagement analysis of the conversation.

Insights UI supports multiple out of the box UX customizations by giving developers control over the look and feel of the UI.  Besides choosing to include or exclude Call Score, developers can also choose between a record list page view versus a concise single record details view.

Insights UI List Page with Call Score

The list view of Insights UI serves as a repository for users’ call records, displaying summarized information in easy-to-navigate cards.  Insights UI API’s ‘list-page’ command returns a list of engagement records under the App ID account.

Insights UI Details Page with Call Score

Insights UI API’s ‘details-page’ command returns a single specific conversation engagement record with detailed analysis information.


Insights UI without Call Score

Analysis Components Included with Insights UI


Summary generates an accurate record of the key moments during a conversation.  The feature allows significant time savings to capture critical information from conversation records.

Symbl Summary


Sentiment measures and tracks over time a conversation’s speakers’ emotional engagements.  This feature enables customer facing organizations to better observe and respond to customers’ subtle signs of concern that may not be reflected as a direct and capturable verbal response.

Symbl Sentiment

Next Steps

Next Steps highlights the specific follow-up actions captured, such as scheduling the next meeting, commitments to send information materials or similar actions detected within an engagement record. Insights Next Steps


Objections is a unique component available only if the developer selects “conversationType”: “sales” as part of the API call.  Objections highlight statements within a customer’s conversation that the AI model deems to be forward motion blockers.

Symbl Insights Objections

Questions and Answers

Q&A highlights general questions and answers within a conversation record.

Symbl Insights Questions and Answers

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To learn more about Insights UI, please read our technical documentation.

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