Call Score

Generate quality scores for multi-party calls that go beyond mere numbers on the criteria of your choice and are contextual to the conversation stage and business process.


Evaluate call quality without listening through the recording

Get immediate call scores for a specific call or a group of calls. See the reasoning behind the numbers used for evaluation and related summary and coaching recommendation.

Create your own criteria

Build your own evaluation criteria to use as per a specific industry or define your own criteria for your business process.

Related Call Scores to Sentiments

Identify how the sentiment of the call participants has progressed over the duration of the call to better qualify the outcome and see how it influences call scores.

Get targeted feedback for your calls

Identify specific areas where call quality dropped and people lacked performance such as customer experience, problem-solving, and others and get recommendations on corrective steps.


Contextually analyze call quality and sentiments in calls to compare the performance of regional sales or product teams and identify the best strategies for driving outcome such as customer engagement or revenue growth.

Optimized for conversations

Generate call scores and related descriptions using a proprietary large language model (LLM) that is purpose built for understanding spoken language enables you to evaluate call quality with high accuracy while considering sentiment, tone, and pace.


Unlike many other AI models or solutions, integrate and deploy the entire solution and underlying LLM model and embeddings in your cloud to ensure the call evaluation data doesn’t leave your system, ensuring data privacy.



Analyze calls with specific sales methodology to validate messaging, sales process and driving coaching for agents, increasing conversion rates.

Customer service

Extract past call scores for an agent or with a specific customer to identify how interactions have evolved over time and take corrective steps to ensure quality assurance and boost customer experience.


Assess if agents are complying with industry regulations and internal policies, mitigating legal risks and ensuring ethical conduct.

Supply chain management

Evaluate call scores to gauge the effectiveness of communication with vendors, ensuring smooth operations and better relationships.



Nebula is a proprietary large language model (LLM) trained to perform generative tasks on human conversations and models the nuanced details of a conversation.

Call Score API

API to assess conversation quality and participant performance at scale.

Call Score UI

Enables users to present conversation insights such as call score, summary, and call sentiment in an easy-to-read and scannable format.


How does Call Score benefit my business?

Call Score helps businesses improve customer interactions by providing detailed metrics on call quality, identifying areas for improvement, and training staff based on specific feedback. This leads to better customer service and more effective communication.

What metrics are analyzed by Call Score?

Call Score uses AI and ML algorithms to analyze and score calls using Symbl’s proprietary call scoring methodology. Based on the type of the call, the caller’s performance is analyzed and quantified through a set of parameters, resulting in a final average score measured out of 100.

Can Call Score be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, Call Score can be easily integrated with most existing call center software and CRM systems. provides APIs that facilitate seamless integration with your current technology stack.

Is there a trial available for Call Score?

To try out Call Score and other low-code APIs for free, you need to first sign up and create a platform account. After that, you can process your conversation and obtain the call score for the conversation through a single API call. Further details and API reference is available here.