Identify and extract critical data from your conversations.

Dynamically detect relevant entities from unstructured conversation data in real-time, with our Named Entity Recognition (NER) feature.

Use managed entities, or create custom ones

Start with our library of 50 managed entities trackers across ‘PII’, ‘PCI’, ‘PHI’ and ‘General’, or create your custom ones through the Management API.

Real time and asynchronous entity detection

Detect managed and custom entities in real-time streaming or recorded conversations.

Contextual details on detected entities

Obtain critical details on the detected entity such as the category and subcategory of the detected entity, timestamp of when it featured in the conversation and location within the message.

Open Domain

No upfront training, simply add your list of vocabulary via the API or management console and you are ready to detect entities.

Anytime detection

Enable the entity detection feature when you start a streaming conversation or during the conversation

Management API

Comprehensive APIs to help you create, update, detect and delete entities

Use Cases

Agent coaching

Named entity recognition (NER) can be used to train call centers or customer service employees. They can use the recordings of real conversations and identify which conversations resulted in the most sales.

Customer support

Using NER, companies can automatically identify feedback relevant to a specific department, support personnel, or product and route it to them.

Human Resources

Can be used to determine the mention of specific skill sets, degrees, or experience (designation) and pull relevant resumes to streamline hiring practices.

Search & Accessibility

Process thousands of audio and video files in minutes and use Symbl’s entity detection feature to create a searchable index to organize and understand your customer data.


Create custom entities

Create a single custom entity and multiple custom entities at the same time using the Management API

Works for streaming conversations

Configure your streaming conversation to detect entities

List of managed entities

View Symbl’s out-of-the-box list of managed entities