Fast-track intelligence discovery across unstructured conversations in natural language or with pre-set meta data search.


Search for sentiment, intent, actions from previous conversations during live calls

Access the insights from historic conversations during live call.

Search and track topics, sentiments and engagement

Identify a PII or create an index of the central topics in the conversation. Segment large data sets of transcripts based on participant sentiments- enthusiastic, frustrated, or any other emotions using the power of generative AI

Interact in natural language

Interact with your conversation data in natural language and search for answers to specific questions or filter by specific content.

Identify unanswered questions

Search for questions that remain unresolved and provide needed clarifications on the spot, ensuring proper communication and improving meeting productivity.


Search for intelligence in real-time and take action to accelerate problem solving and strategic decision making. For example, identify emerging sentiment regarding a product purchase on a live customer call to address concerns and improve customer experiences.


Build with low code experience which enables you to search for domain specific intelligence and filter out for example – non-relevant jargon and focus on drug efficacy during a clinical trial discussion.

Purpose built AI

Purpose-built for conversations to provide accurate search results on an unstructured conversation of any format. Since our models and embeddings are offered in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, your search results remain confidential, ensuring data privacy.


Sales Intelligence

Search past conversations for sentiments and intents to assess where the customer is in the buying journey to deliver tailored pitches, prepare for negotiations, or find cross/up sell opportunities.

Customer Service Intelligence

Search for pain points in previous conversations with the customer on the live call and put forward relevant information to address the same, accelerating grievance resolution.

HR Intelligence

Detect candidate and interview empathy in real-time and post-interaction. Identify successful interview techniques and questions that yielded best results.


Search any sensitive data such as PII, PHI, and PCI in a conversation in real-time or asynchronously and redact it, ensuring compliance to regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI.



Topic API to create a searchable index to organize and understand your customer data.


Tracker API to detect keywords and phrases that are critical for any use case

Speech recognition

Quickly and accurately convert audio and video conversations to text in real-time and asynchronously.