Introducing programmable sales coaching experiences

New Sales Intelligence delivers context-aware sales coaching for sales and revenue operations leaders to immediately improve results.

Trusted by teams at innovative companies

Overcome the limitations of current tools

Remove the rigidity of today’s revenue intelligence tools by delivering
company-specific coaching experiences for every sales rep

Biased Performance Reviews

Root out bias from sales rep performance evaluations with auto-generated, consistent, company-specific coaching insights

Inefficient Workflows

Eliminate the need for reps to move between tools to get the conversation intelligence they need at every stage of the deal

Unreliable CRM Data

Stop wondering if your CRM data is dependable and chasing sales reps to update systems of record Sales Intelligence for sales and revenue operations leaders

Call Score API

Empower sales reps to learn and take control of their coaching needs to improve performance on their very next call

Generate immediate call scores on communications and engagement, question handling, process adherence, and forward motion

Help salespeople understand how they can improve performance during sales conversations and provide company-specific coaching

Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work
Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work

Insights API and UI

Generate contextual insights to enable reps to focus on customer engagement

Auto-generate executive summaries, key questions, objections, and next steps to remove manual and time-consuming tasks for sales reps

Improve the accuracy, consistency and completeness of data reported into your CRM system of record with automated updates

Plugs into Popular Enterprise Tools

Easily expose conversation insights into the tools you use today, including call scores

Report on sales rep performance for every conversation and directly embed intelligence into CRM systems and tools

Deliver insights on buyer engagement during live conversations and provide immediate coaching in-app to strengthen buyer engagement

Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work

7 Ways Generative AI Transforms Your Sales Coaching

Measure and immediately improve sales rep performance during live conversations, including communications and engagement, questions answered, forward motion, and sales process adherence

Quickly add and extend AI into sales rep experiences and existing tools

Adaptive AI purpose-built for conversations

Easy-to-implement, applied AI for multi-party conversation data that auto-tunes with usage

Continuous business context

Drives domain adaptation of conversation intelligence specific to your business from any source across your business

Fully programmable

Natively integrate AI into popular tools with a few lines of code

Low-code APIs for faster implementation

Leverage low-code APIs that are pre-built for business use cases to reduce coding and development time

Use the UI of your choice

Easily plug conversation insights and actions into UIs of your choice – or use

Enterprise-grade security

Support for SOC2 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and CSA CAIQ, backed by enterprise-level support and SLAs

Works with the tools you already use

Easily integrates into today’s most used platforms, systems and applications.

“We’re using to detect in a matter of milliseconds what the key moments are in sales conversations in order for sellers to drive better engagement. The combination of AI and real-time actions enables companies to overcome the loss of in-person sales engagements by helping buyers and sellers stay more engaged during video meetings.”

Roy Solomon
CEO – Salesroom

“Our company has grown rapidly since the pandemic, leaving us with a mishmash of data and old process in our Salesforce instance.’s new deal insights and conversational intelligence changes all of that. In new opportunities and in old ones, conversational intelligence grabs data we were missing so deals can close faster, and return old opportunities back to the pipeline. The best part is that everything is simple and integrated natively so I can reap the benefits without allocating limited sales ops resources.”

M.H. Lines
CEO – Stack Moxie