Get Conversation Insights to your CRM’s CRM Integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot empowers sales teams to seamlessly incorporate conversation insights into their workflows. Elevate your CRM experience today with and revolutionize the way you approach sales.

No more juggling between different tools

By eliminating the need to juggle between tools, sales representatives and managers can focus on what matters most – delivering personalized, effective, and data-driven customer interactions.

Unified workspace

Say goodbye to switching between platforms. With’s CRM integrations, your sales team can access conversation insights and analytics directly within the CRM, enabling you to manage contacts, leads, and deals all in one place.

Enhanced customer understanding

Delve deeper into customer interactions. Gain valuable insights from conversations, allowing your team to understand customer pain points, preferences, and sentiments more comprehensively, thus tailoring their sales approach accordingly.

Performance Tracking

Dive deep into the data. Generate detailed reports on call scores and insights within your CRM. Understand trends, identify training needs, and track improvements over time, all from within your CRM environment.

Coaching Efficiency

Streamline coaching processes with AI-driven call scoring provide consistent and standardized evaluations, freeing up your coaching teams to focus on targeted skill development.

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Streamlining sales for enhanced efficiency with conversation insights

Sales representatives and sales managers can now elevate their efficiency and customer interactions with’s seamless integration with Salesforce. No longer do you need to navigate through multiple tools to correlate opportunities and deals with valuable conversation insights. Use our managed package to integrate with’s sales intelligence in minutes. Our Salesforce integration empowers your sales teams to harness the power of conversation analytics and data-driven decision-making right within the Salesforce environment.

Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work
Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work


Seamlessly amplify customer relationships’s integration with Hubspot offers a seamless way to enrich customer relationships with conversation insights. The days of toggling between tools to align conversation data with your CRM activities are over. Our HubSpot integration enhances the way you manage your sales pipeline and interactions, all while capitalizing on the power of Generative AI-driven insights.