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Contact Center provides real-time suggestions that a customer care agent can use during a call, enabling the agent to focus on the immediate engagement with the customer and resolve customer needs quickly thanks to task automation. This results in the ability to serve more customers with higher satisfaction during a shift. After a call, automates call disposition. This automation enables analysis of support conversations over time thanks to metadata on call statistics, agent productivity, and shift patterns, all of which lead to a better understanding of the priorities for the business.

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Revenue & Sales Intelligence

When used for sales engagement and customer communication interactions, empowers businesses to access and connect massive amounts of existing data and ongoing new communications to identify growth opportunities and boost conversation efficiency for frontline sales teams by automating sales activity and action items in the CRM as it happens thereby freeing sales executives to focus on what they do best.

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Remote Collaboration & Meeting Platforms empowers businesses to access and connect existing data and ongoing new business conversations happening via voice, chat, or text to reduce the distraction for knowledge workers and help them focus on what is most important. Automated and indexed transcripts are an insurance policy. Optimize meeting productivity by surfacing the things that matter as the meeting occurs. Action items will be surfaced contextually and can be automated to trigger your existing workflows. Post-meeting summaries can be the source of truth. Problem solved.

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Events, Webinars, and Social Apps

Our conversational intelligence APIs unlock value using proprietary machine learning algorithms that identify non-human pickups and analyze and transcribe business conversations in real-time, wherever they may happen. Automatically index events so live attendees can search for keywords and phrases, and late attendees can catch up by quickly viewing topics and questions discussed. Show the current topic of discussion and important questions asked for the audience to keep pace with how the conversation flows. Delight customers and create accessible experiences by analyzing all conversations in real-time and post-event.

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hr and recruiting

Recruiting and HR Intelligence

Easily integrate intelligence into your HR and recruiting applications with Improve experiences for end-users whether meetings are held on your own platform or other popular tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. With state-of-the-art detection of action phrases, topics, and intents in conversations, highlight key insights to improve decision-making such as candidate performance on empathy, behavior, and competencies during interviews.

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