What we do

We build understanding and generative AI that comprehends human conversations giving machines the ability to assist and automate communications in real-time – transforming the use of multi-modal unstructured data for businesses at scale.

Specialized AI infrastructure for conversations

Our platform, with state-of-the-art and task specific LLMs, enables businesses to analyze multi-party conversations at scale. It converts unstructured conversations across formats: audio, video, and text into intelligence that transcends human capabilities, ultimately enabling businesses to make more informed decisions and drive growth.


AI can generate meaningful insights when it is specific to a business or an industry. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your data and tools of your choice with minimum or no code experience, enabling customized intelligence.

Purpose built AI

Spoken language is more complex than documents, involving context and unstructured data. Our models are built on human conversations and capture the nuances of human dialogues.


Conversations on strategic decisions such as sales negotiations occur in real-time. With Symbl, you can unlock a wealth of information such as sentiment, summaries, and more in real time, giving you the power to take action when it matters.

Our Advisors and Investors

Ray Lane

Managing Partner at GreatPoint Ventures

Geoff Harris

Managing Partner at Flying Fish Partners

Selvan Senthivel

GenAI Leader at GE Healthcare

Larry Heck

Director of Artificial Intelligence Hub, Georgia Institute of Technology

Faisal Masud

SVP, WW Digital Services, HP

Leadership Team

Surbhi Rathore

CEO & co-founder

Toshish Arun Jawale

CTO & co-founder

Zynab Ali

Chief Product Officer

Priyanka Nagpal

Director Of Finance & Operations

Dan Nordale

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Sini Somakumar

Director of Engineering

Kartik Talamadupula

Director of AI Research

Our Investors

We are proud to be backed by top VCs in the product and deep tech space, highlighting our strong foundation for future growth and success.

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