Questions and Answers

Identify real-time questions and detect answers specific to the journey of the conversations and the information shared.


Identify questions in real time and asynchronously

Detect explicit or implicit questions during the conversation, minimizing the overhead of analyzing recordings. Recognize questions as per topics such as machine learning, internet of things, or anything else.

Compile unanswered questions

Identify questions that remain unresolved or inadequately addressed for taking further action, making discussion complete and productive.

Create contextual answers

Generate responses to questions that resonate with the meeting’s context. For instance, if queried about a product vision, formulate a response that addresses short-term and long-term considerations.


Identify questions in real time to resolve stakeholder or customer concerns promptly and accelerate issue resolution.


Build with low code experience and detect questions specific to your domain – for example on prior written agreement or evidence of ownership in the legal department.

Purpose built AI

Purpose-built for conversations to precisely detect questions in an unstructured conversation of any format. Since our models and embeddings are offered in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, your confidential conversational data remains private to you.