Nebula On-premises for Secure LLM Deployment

Harness the power of Nebula with uncompromising data protection and compliance for conversation data in your business

Data Protection & Compliance

Safeguard your sensitive data and maintain regulatory requirements seamlessly, right within your own infrastructure.

Optimized performance

Powered by cutting-edge transformer architecture, our on-prem models outshine the competition by operating efficiently with fewer parameters. This results in resource-friendly deployments and reduced latencies.

Purpose-built for business conversations

Nebula is crafted to excel in business discussions. It is trained to grasp the intricacies of professional conversations, and it’s equipped with a larger token window to handle long conversations. offers a range of LLMs to cater to various organization needs

Base Model

The Nebula base model, our smallest variant, handles essential tasks such as summarization, note-taking, and Q&A. It’s the ideal cost-effective choice for organizations to ensure mainstream use cases are addressed quickly.

Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work
Generative AI for Contact Center After-Call Work

Large Model

The Nebula large model boasts heightened reasoning, deeper comprehension, and remarkable creativity compared to the base model. Suited for organizations with advanced LLM use cases, it empowers you to explore the forefront of spoken language understanding.

Financial Services

Fraud Detection

Detect patterns and signals of fraudulent activities from emails, calls and messages.

Credit Risk Assessment

Assess credit risk and identify borrower behaviors from customer conversations. Enhance credit scoring models

Compliance Monitoring

Monitor employee interactions for compliance with regulatory standards, ethical guidelines, and internal policies.


Virtual Health Assistants

Build virtual health assistants, engaging in conversations with patients to provide medical information, schedule appointments, and answer general health-related questions

Clinical Documentation Review

Analyze patient transcripts and medical records to identify key information, treatment plans, and potential inconsistencies.

Compliance Monitoring:

Analyze conversations for compliance with healthcare regulations, privacy standards, and ethical guidelines


Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Monitor conversations for compliance with industry regulations and internal policies. Prevent legal and regulatory violations

Deposition Analysis

Analyze transcripts of depositions to extract relevant information, identify inconsistencies, and discover potential lines of questioning for future depositions or trial

Contractual Disputes

Analyze contract-related conversations to identify breaches, breaches of representation, and potential contractual ambiguities that could lead to disputes