Insights UI

Pre-built UI that leverages generative AI to make your meetings actionable


Adapt the UI components to suit your specific use case – easily include or exclude elements as required.

Seamless Generative AI Prompts

Leverage our seamlessly integrated generative AI prompts to explore conversations on a deeper level.

Adaptable Display Modes

Use the List View to present an overview of your call repository with concise summaries. Opt for the Details View to delve into comprehensive insights from the conversations.


Harness the power of generative AI quickly and effortlessly with our low-code solution. In just minutes, not hours and days, you can unlock the ability to use generative AI to showcase a wealth of conversation insights—all achieved with just a few simple API requests.

Faster time to market

Get production ready UI out of the box, hosted and managed by Symbl. We handle the grunt work so you can focus on what you do best: creating an outstanding product that delights users and makes an impact.

Intuitive Design

Beauty meets functionality. No learning hurdles, no tutorials needed. Hit the ground running with our intuitive design.

Zoom through calls

No more sifting through endless recordings or transcripts. Insights UI’s List view displays call summaries like cards, allowing you to swiftly scan and navigate through calls. Instantly find what you need, without the hassle.

Elevate coaching

For leaders, Insights UI is your secret weapon. Easily review call scores, sentiment analysis, and objection handling with your team. This streamlined platform enables you to supercharge your coaching sessions, offering focused feedback and guidance based on the powerful insights provided.

Meeting Notes Made Easy

Insights UI revolutionizes the way you document call insights. Whether you’re in sales, customer service, or recruiting, our UI simplifies the process. Efficiently document sales calls, customer interactions, interviews, and more. By automating this process, Insights UI frees up your valuable time, letting you focus on what truly matters.



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Getting Started

Dive into the developer guides to kickstart your journey with Insights UI

Insights UI API

For a detailed understanding of the Insights UI API, consult our comprehensive API reference