Realtime Assist

Empower your agents with personalized, real-time intelligence during conversations using the power of assisted AI.


Evaluate, sentiment, engagement and pacing in real time

Evaluate sentiment and track engagement and pacing across the conversation. For example, identify when the customer’s engagement decreased, such as lack of interaction, and take corrective action.

Precise and fast knowledge delivery

Retrieve relevant articles from the knowledge-base based upon customer pain points, or topics/themes discussed to accelerate effective issue resolution in real-time.

Get alerts for compliance

Receive real-time alerts on any gaps in adherence to compliance policy or regulations such as HIPAA during conversations, mitigating legal risks and enforcing quality assurance.

Keep track of agenda

Identify key topics covered and questions that remain unresolved during the meeting to track progress on the agenda and take needed action, making interaction complete and productive.


Provide assistance in real-time so that your agents are well equipped to promptly solve customer issues, minimizing call handling time and increasing first time resolutions.


Assist agents by providing domain specific intelligence with easy to use APIs to integrate into your tools of choice – for example, in the payments sector, adhering to PCI regulations while handling credit card data or in healthcare, creating call summaries with medical jargon.

Purpose built AI

Symbl’s AI models are purpose-built for conversations and provide accurate intelligence on unstructured conversations of any format. Since our models and embeddings are offered in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, your data remain confidential to ensure data privacy.



Analyze conversations in real-time to evaluate sales performance in handling objections or pitching the product, and provide targeted coaching on the spot.


Get compliance alerts in real time on handling of sensitive PII, PHI, and PCI data against regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI to avoid any blindspots and incident management.

Quality Assurance

Detect when agents deviate from internal quality standards, customer playbooks, or compliance policy to monitor quality assurance.


Handle customer calls more efficiently by identifying pain points, putting forward relevant information, and automating note taking to empower agents and boost customer experience.