Customer Service Intelligence

Transform customer experiences with conversation analytics and intelligence at scale

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Easily integrate advanced conversation intelligence capabilities into your contact center applications to turn customer care agents into top performers. Deliver outstanding experiences by analyzing customer sentiment, buying intent, and more in real-time. Empower agents to boost customer satisfaction and reduce average call handling time.

Agent Performance and Coaching

Transcribe customer calls to identify top performers and model behaviors and tactics that produce the best outcomes. Make data-driven decisions to create effective customer playbooks with real results.

Call Quality Management

Track sentiment and caller intent in real-time or asynchronously to surface customer dynamics that result in better CSAT and improve conversions.

Real-Time Agent Assist

Empower your customer care team with continuous support during their calls by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step assistance, workflow automation, or escalations.

Key highlights

Advance AI capabilities

Detect and measure agent empathy and customer satisfaction in real-time and post-interaction

Fast deployment

Get up and running in minutes with custom keyword and intent tracking in minutes, with no training or custom classifiers required

Full programmable

Native integration into your stack using APIs or’s pre-built UI components

Seamless experience

Ingest and analyze voice, video, and text data with a single platform

Explore the key features supporting this solution


Auto detect and analyze sentiment from any conversation


Auto extract and organize all any conversation by relevant topics


Conversation data classifiers for extracting unique business insights

Conversation Analytics

Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns


Real-time, intelligent transcription for video, audio, and text


A proprietary large language model (LLM) trained to perform generative tasks on human conversations and models the nuanced details of a conversation.