The Customer Care Challenge

“It takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose one.” -Vince Lombardi

Whether your business views your contact center as a sales engine, an expert help desk, or customer care, the ability to optimize for effective conversations and reduce average session handling times whether call or chat, are top priorities. Add to that the importance of providing a great customer experience during these conversations and the potential impact these interactions can have on your brand and future growth possibilities should not be underestimated.

Customer care agents are the front line for many enterprises. A solution that gives them the expertise to quickly assist customers results in happier customers and agents.

Customer Care Solution

Symbl enables companies to enhance customer interactions and reduce the average session handling time by augmenting the transcription capabilities of the agent and supporting them with the right tools as the session progresses. Symbl’s APIs can enhance your contact center solution with real-time topic detection and suggested knowledge-base articles that a customer care agent can use during a session, enabling the agent to focus on the immediate engagement with the customer and resolve the customer inquiry quickly.

In addition to in-session tools, our APIs enable automation of post-session actions so that agents can manage more sessions while maintaining necessary levels of documentation.

After a session, increase the agent’s efficiency by automatically pre-filling the call or chat disposition and contextually adding other dimensions to the session log. Artificial intelligence enables the human agent to have access to structured information from the analysis of historical data sets thanks to metadata on call or chat statistics, agent productivity, and most frequently surfaced issues, which when combined result in improved customer experience.

The Symbl Platform

Symbl’s programmable platform is a comprehensive suite of APIs that analyze any natural voice or text conversation. Our conversational intelligence APIs unlock value using proprietary machine learning algorithms that analyze customer care conversations and remove the necessity for your product teams to gather training data and build and maintain complex AI systems designed for conversation understanding.

Benefits for users of your Symbl enhanced offering:

  • Improved customer experience thanks to better-equipped agents
  • Faster issue resolution from automated real-time actions
  • Discovery of additional areas for training and benchmarking personnel
  • Systematic visibility into gaps in product or services capabilities
  • Reduction in average session handling time

Accomplish the above using these Symbl APIs:

Symbl’s APIs allow for both real-time AI capabilities as well as aggregated intelligence all within the same API interface.

Real-time agent assists for voice, chat, emails, and video:

  • Ingest real-time voice conversations using Symbl’s Voice API on SIP or PSTN interfaces for your call center product or the Call Telephony Integration (CTI) interface your business uses (info to connect with our dev team if you are looking for a specific CTI connector can be found below).
  • Extract real-time transcription using the Conversation API – to help the agent get a better understanding of the conversation – as it happens
  • Extract real-time topics using the same Conversation API to recommend knowledge-base articles linked to the contextual topic of discussion to help the agent access the right information faster

Post-session dynamic dashboards for agents on voice, chat, emails and video:

  • In addition to the real-time agent assist capabilities described above, companies can use the follow-ups and action items identified using the Conversation API, to automatically add follow-up appointments for the customer or agent
  • Together, the action items and topics can be used to provide recommendations of what business processes to execute for the customer

Aggregated support intelligence for contact centers: 

  • Add analysis from emails or chats using our Async Text API in addition to the voice conversations connected to the same customer with contextual understanding to derive actionable insights based on the historic conversation timeline of the customer’s support interactions.
  • Aggregate the voice or text conversations across all customers to understand sentiments across touchpoints, repeated topics, issues or upgrade requests and the preferred channels of conversations. All this information is available per conversation using the Conversation API and can be used to easily derive patterns from bulk data (connect with our dev team if you are looking to create differentiated revenue intelligence dashboards for your customers here).
  • Process the vast amounts of recorded data already present in your business using our Symbl Async API for Voice to enhance this aggregated intelligence and derive actionable insights and growth opportunities.

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