The Sales Enablement Challenge

Sales pipelines are only as good as the deal intelligence that feeds them. Accurate projections and revenue targets can have far-reaching impact. Busy account executives have higher priorities than documenting sales conversations. And when they sit down to do it later, human recall may not be perfect. If you offer a CRM solution, adding Symbl to your offering addresses the gaps caused by missing or incomplete data.

Sales Enablement Solution

Symbl captures conversational data from sales activity such as emails, texts, and calls in real-time. After any interaction, Symbl enables your CRM product to recap with follow-ups, contextual topics, and transcripts, thereby freeing up the sales executives to focus on what they do best. Rather than fighting the behavioral nature of sales, use Symbl AI to make the systems a more powerful investment by your customers. This functionality is not just a time saver for the sales team but enables accurate, timely, and shareable reporting from which business decisions can be made with confidence.

The Symbl Platform

Symbl’s programmable platform has a comprehensive suite of APIs to analyze any natural voice or text conversation. Our conversational intelligence APIs unlock value using proprietary machine learning algorithms that analyze business conversations.

Adding Symbl to your offering gives your customers these results:

  • Optimized employee productivity due to auto-scheduling tasks and follow-ups through outbound work tool integrations
  • Automated post-call entry into company CRM so valuable prospect information is updated 100% of the time
  • Top-performing sales can move to the next opportunity rather than spend time updating records
  • Downstream workflows fed with real-time next step suggestions and prompts
  • Receive business-critical real-time analysis & insights from the conversations
  • Accurate recall of customer needs with a complete, searchable transcript of sales conversations

To Capture Sales Intelligence from Email Communications:

  • To capture existing / on-going email conversations, integrate our Async Text API
  • To convert emails housed within your platform into actionable data with follow-ups and key questions asked, use our Conversation API

If you are looking for connectors to existing email systems like Gmail, Outlook, etc. and don’t already have access to the email conversation data, contact our dev team here.

To Capture Sales Intelligence from Voice Communications:

Use our Voice API to access voice conversations related to your sales workflow:

  • Integrate Voice API on PSTN or SIP interfaces, to extract the voice conversations on phone calls or any meeting platform (such as Zoom or GoToMeeting) so that any data currently siloed in multiple voice conversations related to the deal can be extracted for the record and your customers don’t have to worry about taking notes during sales conversations.
  • Alternatively, you can use our Async API if you have access to recorded audio files.

Use the Conversation API to convert these Voice Conversations into powerful insights for your CRM application and downstream workflows:

  • Trigger real-time actions related to follow-up meetings to kickoff a calendar invite
  • Identify the key contextual topics discussed and questions asked across single or multiple calls and understand customer sentiment across all the calls

Aggregated Deal Intelligence:

You can add analysis from emails and voice conversations related to the same deal with contextual understanding to derive actionable insights based on the historic conversation timeline of the customer interactions. You can also aggregate the voice or text conversations across the sales cycle to understand sentiments across touchpoints, repeated topics of discussions, the preferred channels of contract negotiations, etc. If you are looking to create a differentiated revenue intelligence dashboard for your customers, contact our dev team here.

Sign up for Symbl and see how easy it is to integrate our suite of APIs into your sales enablement workflow.