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Launching Async APIs for Audio files and Text

At Symbl, we’ve always believed in building our platform working closely with our early customers. This has helped us evolve and simplify our APIs to a great extent. In this process, we realized that a lot of our customers have a lot of asynchronous conversational data…

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Extend Conversations to Workflows

Extend Conversations to Workflows

Every business today produces a lot of conversational data  in many forms like voice, video, recordings, live meetings, sales, and customer service interactions. All this valuable data is sometimes just stored in data centers, costing customers a lot of money and leading to no great value.

How to Use Symbl’s Voice SDK to Generate Insights in Your Own Applications

Telephony services make the modern workplace, well, work. Enhance your existing telephony system capabilities by integrating Symbl’s Voice SDK.

Integrating Symbl Insights with Twilio Media Streams

By Kunal Sinha, 09.03.2020 facebooktwitterlinkedinConversational Intelligence for Streaming Applications: Twilio Media Streams Capturing audio and deriving real-time insights seems complicated, but it’s not as hard as you think. Twilio Media Streams provide real-time...

The Odd Couple: Hybrid Deep Learning and Machine Learning Applications in Conversation Intelligence

As we think about how to solve the problem of natural human conversation understanding and how to extract information from unstructured conversations, the approach to solving this problem can make a significant impact on when and how we will end up getting there. ...

The Rebirth of Business Intelligence

By Janhavi Sathe, 09.03.2020facebooktwitterlinkedinFrom click tracking to actually understanding the conversation, how AI will finally deliver on the promise of BI  Business Intelligence (B.I.) is the infrastructure that your business uses to collect, organize and...

An Ensemble Approach to Deep Learning Models in Conversational Intelligence

By Sekhar Vallath, 06.03.2020 facebooktwitterlinkedinThe Sweet Spot Suppose I give you a simple problem statement: Predict the next number in the sequence 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, __? Easy peasy right? I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you the answer. I...

Integrating Symbl Conversation Intelligence with Twilio Flex for Real-Time Insights and Actions

By Kunal Sinha, 06.03.2020 facebooktwitterlinkedin Twilio Flex is a new cloud-based contact center platform revolutionizing the call center industry through fine-tuned, customizable customer experiences. With the power of Symbl, Twilio Flex users can do even more to...