Delivering added value to the post-meeting experience and making it easy for your users to navigate meeting recording content could be the differentiator for your business.

The Recorded Data Challenge

Recording meetings is not enough. How do you get long-lasting value from them? Engagement with meeting recordings is usually low and our customers tell us they want to focus time and energy on delivering a world-class product rather than building the underlying tech to address this challenge. It is worth repeating, delivering added value to the post-meeting experience and making it easy for your users to navigate meeting recording content could be the differentiator for your business. Some questions to consider: Are your customers recording all their meetings as an insurance policy against losing information, but failing to turn these recordings into actionable insights? How can you enable your users to easily navigate the recordings and eliminate the necessity to read full transcripts to find the essential information in the audio?  How can your customers search across multiple recordings efficiently? Symbl lets you solve all these challenges and more with our meetings solution.

The Meeting Solution

Immediate benefit: With Symbl, you can add an x-ray like feature to your call or meeting recordings. Want an index of contextual topics along with the call recording? No problem. We offer extensible APIs that let you configure and extend the post-meeting summary and analysis for delivery to your user’s inbox for quick action, or other work tools like Slack. The call recording can be searched based on action items, follow-ups, and questions asked. AI-powered conversational intelligence turns your recordings into action to keep the teams focused on what matters most. Long-term benefit: We surface topics as search hints to find other meetings where a particular topic was also raised. And simple custom code helps your customers navigate videos and transcripts in a systematic manner.

The Symbl Platform

Symbl’s programmable platform has a comprehensive suite of APIs to analyze any natural voice or text conversation. Our conversational intelligence APIs unlock value using proprietary machine learning algorithms that analyze business conversations and surface action items, transcripts, and follow-ups. Benefits for your company:

  • Your customers will have access to indexed and searchable meetings so the previously overwhelming lake of meetings becomes a useful and re-visitable asset
  • Now that your customers see real value in their recordings, they will want to keep them accessible ultimately resulting in less propensity to churn
  • Opportunity for you to offer an upgrade package as customers use up their default storage space resulting in increase revenue opportunities

Benefits for users of your Symbl enhanced offering:

  • Remove bias from meeting notes with an objective conversation intelligence service that contextually surfaces what matters alongside the voice capture in the recording
  • Have one source of truth with complete meeting transcripts, meeting notes, action items, summaries, insights, contextual topics, questions, signals that are linked to the recording data so that users don’t have to read the whole recording and can quickly jump to what is important
  • Mitigate roadblocks of late arrivals and double booking
  • Understand patterns and trends in an organization’s meeting culture – sentiment, talk ratios, productivity, etc. for scalable insights
  • Aggregate and search knowledge and information across multiple meetings by filtering data based on the contextual dimensions in the conversation rather than reviewing each independently

Accomplish the above using these Symbl APIs:

  1. Async Voice API – Symbl will convert any existing and on-going recorded audio or video files that were created as part of your communication workflow into indexed and easy to consume content  – in addition to the conversation insights.
  2. The Conversation API  – can be used to map the timestamps all the insights and indexes with the recordings itself to completely change the existing recording playback experience.
  3. You can also use our Symbl JS Widgets to embed the experience directly into your application. Connect with our product team for early access.

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