You are not alone

A business’s most valuable assets are its conversations – both internal conversations amongst employees and external revenue-generating conversations with customers. Natural human conversations are messy, recall is different person to person, and companies suffer from inefficiency due to a lack of automation. Millions of business conversations take place every day that do not leverage the power of conversational intelligence technology to automate and optimize productivity-and-growth driving actions. This disjointed communication experience results in lost productivity and lost revenue.

Why not use a Conversational Intelligence API to solve the problem

Symbl’s Conversational Intelligence API allows businesses to analyze business conversations and drive automated, real-time actions such as scheduling a follow-up, categorizing a conversation transcription, or presenting in-conversation recommendations. In other words, we provide companies the ability to amplify these interactions and build extraordinary customer experiences in any channel – be it voice, video, or text.

The Symbl API Advantage

With the Symbl API, we make it easy to integrate best-in-class Conversational Intelligence into your existing product. With Symbl you will be able to: Step 1: Select the channels where conversations happen Step 2. Select the way you want to ingest the conversation stream from that channel Step 3: Extract your transcript and conversation insights

Symbl’s APIs make it easy for developers to focus on the experience of their customers by:

  • Providing contextual intelligence beyond just speech to text and sentiment analysis
  • Supplying a REST interface for Text and Voice Input and supports SIP, PSTN, Websocket, and audio files in real-time and async
  • Requiring no training data or trigger words for domain specificity
  • Enabling multiple use case – e.g., meetings, sales, support, legal, edtech, and healthcare
  • Offering out-of-the-box integrations with work tools and extensible webhooks to automate workflows

Learn more about our APIs here.