There are three components in a successful pay for performance calling solution.

  1. Answering machine detection
  2. Real-time customer intent capture
  3. Live transcription

Before, companies needed three different vendors to solve for each component. has a comprehensive suite of APIs manageable from one API interface that addresses all three, saving companies money, time, and resources. Our conversation intelligence APIs unlock value using proprietary machine learning algorithms that identify non-human pickups and analyze and transcribe business conversations as they happen.

Answering Machine Detection

Your outbound calling workflow is only as efficient as your call handling expertise. Businesses lose money when an answering machine picks up and their system fails to disconnect in time. Gone are the days of paying for a partial message left on an answering machine because the system thought it was a person.’s answering machine detection can disconnect calls in as little as 3 seconds. At the same time, your systems should respond effectively if a person picks up the phone so you can handle the call well. Phone numbers are expensive and the ability to deliver a first-class customer experience in a cost-effective manner helps companies convert more customers.  

Real-time customer intent capture’s programmable platform has a comprehensive suite of APIs to analyze any natural voice conversation once we’ve identified a human pickup resulting in more satisfied callers and agent efficiency. Our machine learning algorithms analyze what is said during the call and turn the conversation into follow-ups like “do not contact me again” or “connect me with an agent to learn more.” When your business model depends on those intents for revenue and legal obligation, Symbl’s functionality becomes even more critical.  

Live Transcription

Transcription isn’t all that useful without indexing and categorization.’s transcription capability provides an accurate reflection of customer input with a complete, searchable transcript of conversations. We also offer our AI text correction layer that improves transcription accuracy and lets you enable additional AI-powered conversation insights without training and with plug and play pre-built experiences.

Accomplish the above using these Symbl APIs:

Real-time assist:

  • Ingest real-time voice conversations using Symbl’s Voice API on SIP or PSTN interfaces for the Call Telephony Integration (CTI) interface your business uses. The Voice API simplifies the implementation complexity and speeds up the overall integration process. This works great with Twilio or Nexmo-like telephony infrastructure that you might already have.
  • Real-time Transcription, Intents, Sentiments and Insights by Voice API as they’re detected will be pushed over the subscribed WebSocket connection from Symbl to your system.

Post-session intent capture:

  • In addition to the real-time assist capabilities described above, companies can use the follow-ups and action items identified using the Conversation API, to automatically manage customer intent and trigger respective business workflows.

Speaker Separation: 

  • In order to get speaker separated transcription, Push Events feature provided by Symbl’s API and Voice SDK will be used to push the speaker events from both (or more) parties. You can also choose to send independent audio streams using our WebSocket integration.

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