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Real-time interactions for inbound and outbound customer engagement

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Purpose-Built APIs and UIs

Designed for cloud communications providers and enterprises to quickly deploy deep conversation understanding and generative AI technologies to improve outcomes for outbound sales, telemarketing and collections, including increased sales engagements, conversions, and revenue.

Call Progress Analysis

Detect humans or machines with 98% accuracy to take the right actions for every outbound call, including playing messages at exactly the right time and informing routing decisions to quickly connect calls to sales reps and agents.

Automated Call Disposition

Reduce after call work by automating the generation of transcripts, call dispositions, call summaries, and outcomes – fast, with high accuracy and consistency. Eliminate manual post-call tasks and get outbound sales reps and agents back on the phone faster.

Call Scoring

Effortlessly score 100% of outbound calls enabling a comprehensive assessment of sales rep and agent performance. By measuring behavioral aspects such as empathy, excitement, politeness, and dissatisfaction, as well as evaluating compliance with company processes and best practices, call scoring empowers businesses to optimize conversations and enhance overall performance.

Call scoring uses generative AI to not only provide accurate scores but also detailed explanations behind the scores so that you can use them to effectively coach sales reps and agents.

Key highlights

Precise detection

Overcome the challenges of accurately detecting a human or machine.

Streamline post-call tasks

Reduce after-call work, including manual call notes, CRM updates, and follow-ups.

Improve productivity

Get sales reps and agents back on the phone quickly – in a matter of seconds.

Effective coaching

Evaluate the effectiveness of conversations for coaching and continuous improvement.

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Call Progress Analysis

Call Progress Analysis — Detect humans and machines with 98% accuracy


Eliminate after call work with automated call summaries


Conversation data classifiers for extracting unique business insights