New Sales Intelligence APIs and UIs deliver auto-generated, context-aware call scores, summaries and conversation insights for sales and revenue operations leaders to immediately improve results in their CRM

Seattle, WA. June 29, 2023– Today, announced Sales Intelligence, which provides a fully programmable, context-aware sales coaching experience for sales and revenue operations leaders to immediately improve sales results. Sales Intelligence supports sales reps with auto-generated call scores and summaries to increase data fidelity in CRM, and real-time sales guidance during every call. Sales Intelligence features easy-to-implement low-code APIs and flexible UIs that remove the limitations and rigidity of today’s revenue intelligence tools by empowering organizations to deliver company-specific coaching experiences for every sales rep – embedded into your existing tools and apps. 

With Sales Intelligence, sales organizations can improve overall results by elevating the performance of sales reps in every conversation at each stage of the buying cycle – continuously adapting and fine-tuning performance based on the company’s specific sales methodologies, playbooks and processes.

“Our company has grown rapidly since the pandemic, leaving us with a mishmash of data and old processes in our Salesforce instance.’s new deal insights and conversational intelligence changes all of that,” said M.H. Lines, CEO at Stack Moxie. “In new opportunities and in old ones, conversational intelligence grabs data we were missing so deals can close faster, and return old opportunities back to the pipeline. The best part is that everything is simple and integrated natively so I can reap the benefits without allocating limited sales ops resources.” Sales Intelligence helps sales organizations elevate sales rep performance during sales calls and multi-party conversations, while simplifying their sales environment to provide intelligence before, during and after every call, including:

  • Immediate, Unbiased Call Scores in CRM: Delivers immediate, unbiased coaching on sales rep performance during customer and prospect conversations with call scores instantly populated into the CRM system, enabling sales reps to view their performance after every call to take the right actions to improve. call scores measure performance across key aspects of the conversation, including communications and engagement, questions answered, forward motion of the call, and sales process adherence.
  • Contextual Sales Conversation Insights: Auto-generates executive summaries, key questions, objections and next steps to ensure CRM data is accurate and complete, freeing sales reps to focus on effectively engaging with customers and prospects. 
  • Real-Time Sales Guidance: Enables sales organizations to configure and prescribe guidance for each sales rep based on evolving business environments, product roadmaps and sales processes, empowering sales reps with proven tactics during sales calls to overcome objections, effectively answer questions, deepen engagement, and emotionally connect with prospects and customers.

The example below showcases the immediate conversation insights that provides, including call scores, next steps, and summaries, which can seamlessly integrate with existing CRM systems or coaching experiences using cutting-edge, applied APIs for sales intelligence: Sales Intelligence Insights API and UI

“Creating customized sales intelligence experiences with existing revenue intelligence tools, machine learning models and communication APIs is a tall order for businesses without extensive AI resources. It’s like trying to build your own revenue intelligence experience or augment an existing Gong-like platform. Consequently, sales organizations are being forced to settle for the general capabilities offered by existing point solutions,” said Scott Heimes, growth executive at PSG Equity and former revenue leader at ZipWhip and SendGrid. “As someone who has experienced the process of creating unique customer experiences first-hand, I find it truly inspiring to see how easy has made it to get started with your existing CRM and meeting platforms, while providing programmability that can revolutionize the use of context and introduce fluidity into the user experience, giving sales teams superpowers to re-define coaching and performance based on their needs.”

Adaptive Intelligence Purpose-Built for Conversations

At the core of Sales Intelligence is the Conversation Intelligence Platform, which manages millions of internal and external conversations monthly for enterprises, ISVs and communications platform providers. The platform learns, adapts and improves as it encounters changes in the environment, and with business-specific feedback, it continues to evolve and support the changing needs of your product or organization. The platform is real-time and fully programmable, enabling enterprise developers and IT teams to rapidly add and extend AI into communication experiences and existing tools. Sales Intelligence features can be programmed in a low-code experience with a simple configuration of the current revenue operations stack. The newly applied APIs deliver a complete call scoring and sales conversation insights experience that continually adapts to your business needs and provides the foundation for continual coaching and sales performance improvement.  

“At, we have relentlessly pursued our vision of transforming conversation intelligence with programmability and extensibility at the core of the platform. Our specialization in building AI infrastructure designed specifically for multi-party conversations gives us a unique advantage in delivering this to businesses as applied intelligence,” said Surbhi Rathore, CEO and co-founder at “With three years at the forefront of enabling distinct customer intelligence experiences, we are excited to introduce programmability for sales conversations, one of the most critical business processes. We look forward to empowering sales teams by supporting their ever-changing needs by reducing blindspots at every stage of deal execution, verifying revenue forecasting and ensuring high data fidelity in CRM systems.”

For more information, visit Sales Intelligence or contact us for a demo.

About provides conversation understanding and generative AI technology focused on making humans smarter – by unlocking the full potential of conversations.’s Conversation Intelligence Platform empowers developers and enterprise builders to use AI to optimize a broad range of business conversations using purpose-built APIs and UIs. Together with its customers, ISV partners and cloud communications providers, manages millions of minutes of conversation data for sales, customer service and HR every month.

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