Salesroom is a leading video conferencing platform that provides advanced in-meeting AI coaching for salespeople, featuring airtime analysis, topic detection, objection handling, question detection, and next step detection. Salesroom powered by gives salespeople and managers real-time signals, context, and insights during remote sales meetings—creating better, more human conversations that accelerate the sales cycle and increase conversion rates. The company’s platform coupled with’s real-time conversational intelligence represents the next wave of sales intelligence solutions powered by AI.


Salesroom Co-Founder and CEO Roy Solomon noticed a glaring market opportunity for Meeting Intelligence software that gives sellers the ability to course correct in real time as they’re talking to customers during video sales meetings. With salespeople typically having a mere 5% of a customer’s time during the entire sales cycle, making the most intelligent and human connections on digital sales calls is more critical than ever.

When salespeople are made smarter in real time by receiving guidance on what to say and how buyers may be feeling—e.g., is the customer expressing disappointment? Are they mentioning competitors? Is the decision maker asking questions and seemingly engaged? Is the salesperson coming across negatively?—they can make deeper human connections with buyers and develop more meaningful relationships.


Salesroom uses’s AI-powered transcription, summarization, topic identification, and trackers features to provide salespeople with real-time signals, context, and conversation insights during meetings. According to Solomon, it’s the real-time, AI-driven component of the solution that makes it powerful.

“I think that transcription is getting commoditized,” Solomon explains, “It’s what you do with the transcription that matters now, and the combination of AI and real-time actions enables companies to overcome the loss of in-person sales engagements by helping buyers and sellers stay more engaged during video meetings.” 

The Salesroom platform brings sales playbooks directly into meetings with conversational and sales intelligence delivered in app, it calculates buyer engagement scores and next best actions, presents coaching cards in real time, and generates sales meeting summaries and video clips of key moments to save time doing after call work—all of which empowers salespeople to stay present and make more human connections during sales meetings. 

Specifically, the key conversational intelligence capabilities of the solution include:

  • Real-time coaching and playbooks “in-app” to improve engagement in sales meetings and conversations, i.e. alerting a salesperson that they are talking too fast and should slow down or stop using the term “like”—all in app, in real time.
  • Identifies key moments in sales conversations and actions to take, i.e., if the decision maker goes silent, the platform automatically provides the sales rep with suggested questions to “re-engage” and keep conversations going.
  • Enables conversation and sentiment scoring for both buyers and sellers with question detection—if scores go below customer-set thresholds, automated actions can be triggered to save the conversation.

Solomon continues, “We’re using to detect in a matter of milliseconds what the key moments are in sales conversations in order for sellers to drive better engagement. The platform’s overall engagement score for the call is then updated in real time.” 

Powered by, the Salesroom platform is also able to flag who’s asking questions so that salespeople can determine if certain decision makers are engaged on the call. also supports the detection of next steps and customer sentiment. “If we see that the customer sentiment is going down and the engagement score is going down as well, then you have to save the conversation one way or the other. We also will tell the seller in real time if he or she is coming across as negative,” says Solomon. 


By teaming up with, Salesroom is managing thousands of conversations per month with AI-powered sales intelligence and actions provided to sellers in real-time. Benefits to Salesroom customers include:

  • Boosted conversion rates by 15%
  • Accelerated sales cycles by 20%
  • Accelerated onboarding time by 25%

If you’re interested in learning more about’s capabilities for sales intelligence solutions–or know more about Salesroom–contact us here.

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