’s RevOps solution enhances productivity for businesses who use CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive. Powered by Symbl’s specialized language model Nebula, organizations can address call observability and CRM data fidelity gaps to strengthen their revenue operations.

One of the significant challenges faced by GTM teams is the lack of accurate information in CRM and the manual effort and time involved with effectively monitoring and capturing CRM data, especially in relation to sales calls.

Low CRM data fidelity frequently leads to

  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Obscured operational KPIs
  • Inaccurate business forecasts
  • Inability to make accurate data driven decisions

Traditional methods of tracking customer conversations often rely on manual entry or subjective feedback from the GTM teams involved. Such methods are vulnerable to data inaccuracies, human biases and information gaps. Organizations that rely on human efforts to improve CRM data integrity often end up with a low benefit cost ratio.

Symbl RevOps solution integrated in CRM can significantly increase the benefit cost ratio for organizations looking to address CRM data gaps. Our generative AI processing auto populates data to CRM or similar Martech and RevOps data platforms by leveraging AI to extract critical information from sales call records. Advantages of using Symbl’s generative AI to enrich CRM data includes consistency, unbiased data capture, hyperscale, and high cost efficiency.

Organizations that use Symbl quickly realize below observability impacts:

  • Increased visibility and accuracy with sales reports and revenue forecasts
  • Quality measurement of revenue, marketing and sales KPIs
  • Improved data ‘fidelity’ driven decisions
  • Enhanced sales process optimization through data-driven insights

From an executive lens effectively connecting the dots between customer calls, CRM data and revenue forecast and correctly forecasting revenue growth. Ensuring insights from calls are stitched as another source to your forecasts accelerates revenue growth. Capturing these insights in near real-time into CRM also empowers organizations to reduce blindspots from customer interactions and cross-functionally inform strategic decisions with market signal and competitive intelligence in addition to ensuring immediate coaching opportunities.    

Extracting call insights using Symbl’s Generative AI can be easily done with any CRM or RevOps platforms. Symbl’s RESTful API architecture embodies our philosophies of programmability and speed to value. Simple integration can be done in just a few lines of API calls. Symbl’s solution workflow is represented in below high level diagram:

When integrated within a RevOps workflow, Symbls’ generative AI augments the GTM stack by enabling following use cases:

  1. Fix critical data gaps critical to the operations of RevOps platform processes
  2. Generate insights and platform data optimization recommendations
  3. Real-time forecast Q&A ‘prompts’
  4. Automated new data record updates

To learn more about building generative AI powered revenue intelligence please contact Sales.

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Lincoln Luk
Product Marketing