Unleashing the Power of Conversations and Generative AI for Instant Support for Sales and Customer Support teams

We are in a world where immediate, personalized support is not just desired but expected. Providing fast and personalized assistance has always been important across various industries and especially became critical in the realms of sales and customer support where the stakes are high and every interaction counts. 

Sales representatives are often in high-stakes situations where they need to make quick decisions, access product details, or respond to customer queries on the fly. Any delay or inaccuracy can make prospects lose credibility and make or break a deal losing a potential customer. Meanwhile, in customer support, long wait times and impersonal interactions can lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost opportunities for upselling or retention.

What if you could eliminate these bottlenecks and elevate your sales and support experiences to new heights?

Here is Symbl.ai’s Real-Time Assist! This isn’t just another customer service tool; it’s an automated assistant designed to understand your specific needs—such as immediate answers to queries, real-time guidance during tasks, and efficient customer service—and provide tailored assistance in real-time.

The Technology Behind Real-Time Assist

Symbl.ai’s Real-Time is powered by Generative AI with Nebula LLM along with Web SDK and Trackers. From streaming conversations to indexing your knowledge base, Real-Time Assist is built to provide the most accurate and timely assistance.

How Does It Work?

Index the Knowledge Base

Break Down Documents: Your knowledge base may contain a wide range of topics. Break these down into smaller, meaningful chunks.

Vectorize Text: Use Symbl.ai’s Nebula Embedding API to convert these text chunks into vectors via the Nebula embedding model.

Data Storage: Store these indexed vectors and their associated content in a datastore for retrieval based on triggers.

For more on embeddings, check out the Embedding API guide.

Configure the Triggers

Automatic Detection: Symbl.ai detects questions and trackers during an ongoing conversation between the Customer Service Agent (CSA) and the customer.

Customization: Trackers can be configured by customer success managers to identify phrases like ‘competitor mentions’ or ‘overcharge’.

Out-of-the-Box Trackers: Symbl.ai provides 40 default trackers, both general and specific to contact centers.

For more on trackers, see the Trackers guide.

Stream the Conversation to Symbl.ai

Bi-Directional Stream: Use Symbl.ai’s Web SDK to stream the conversation and display knowledge base results to the CSA.

SDK Installation: Install the Web SDK with a simple npm command and import the latest version.

Event Identification: During the support conversation, when a question or tracker is identified, events are triggered along with the callback response object.

For more on Web SDK implementation, see the Web SDK reference.

Core Features:

Instant Feedback: Get immediate responses to your queries.

Contextual Assistance: Receive support that understands the context of your needs.

Problems Solved by Real-Time Assist:

User Friction: No more searching for help. Real-Time Assist is there when you need it.

Support Efficiency: Complete tasks faster with real-time guidance.

User Experience: Feel understood and supported, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Support Costs: Reduce the need for human intervention, saving on support costs.

Real-Time Assist in Action: Use Cases

For Sales Teams:

Instant Information Access: Get product details, pricing, and competitor information at your fingertips.

Reduced Response Time: Let the AI handle initial queries, freeing you to focus on closing deals.

For Customer Support Teams:

Knowledge Base Access: Instantly pull up articles or solutions, improving first-call resolution rates.

Scripting Assistance: Get AI-suggested scripts based on customer queries.

Compliance Monitoring: Ensure all conversations adhere to industry regulations.

Why Choose Real-Time Assist?

User Retention: Keep your customers coming back with an unmatched user experience.

Increased Revenue: Convert more leads and prospects with streamlined processes and instant access to right data..

Data-Driven Insights: Make informed decisions with valuable user data.

Scalability: Easily scale to accommodate a growing user base.

How Does It Work?

As interactions between customers and representatives unfold, Real-Time Assist identifies questions, topics, and pre-set markers—such as “payment issues” or “technical support”—that serve as triggers during the conversation.

Utilizing the Nebula Embedding API, these triggers are transformed into vectors, which are then matched against a pre-existing vector database from your knowledge base to find contextual similarities. Once a match is found, the associated content is sent to Nebula LLM. Nebula then synthesizes this information to generate the most relevant and accurate response based on the identified trigger.

This Real-Time, AI-generated guidance is then sent to your backend server via Web SDK and displayed directly on the representative’s dashboard, ensuring that they have the best possible information at their fingertips, exactly when they need it.

Interested to implement Real-Time Assist for your teams? Here is the step-by-step “How-To” guide for you.

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Zynab Ali
Chief Product Officer