Contextual Insights

Extract actionable insights in real-time from any conversation, across any channel.

Extract questions, action items, and to-do’s, or build your own conversation summaries and unlock the potential of customer conversations in virtually any collaboration or communications application.

Action item detection

Real-time or asynchronous action item and follow-up detection from unstructured human to human conversation.

Comprehensive Action Items

Powerful abstractive regeneration of action items, creates a comprehensive view of critical aspects of your conversations.

Questions detection

Extract contextually relevant questions in real-time or asynchronously.

Speaker Assignment

Identify the assignee and assignor for action detected in the conversation.


Map the date and time to actions for advanced workflow capabilities.

Confidence Threshold

Control the confidence of the action item output to create verbose call records or succinct summaries.

No upfront training

Start extracting insights immediately without any training required.

Use Cases

Question and Answer extraction

Isolate and analyse question and answer cadence in customer service calls or automatically create FAQs for a sales playbook.

Conversation Follow-ups

Automatically generate and assign to-do’s from a business meeting or create powerful workflow automation for custom care calls.

Caller Engagement

In conjunction with Symbl’s powerful analytics, gauge caller engagement and satisfaction to fine tune call service scripts.


API Reference

Comprehensive APIs for extracting questions, action items and/or follow ups from any conversation.


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