Picture this: You’ve conducted and recorded a particularly long online video interview with a potential job candidate, and you can recall a few pivotal moments within the conversation on the part of the interviewee you’d like to return to in the near future while considering others for the role. However, surrounding those important moments is a great deal of “chatter that doesn’t matter.” 

Enter Symbl.ai’s Bookmarks API—a convenient way to pinpoint the beginning of key phrases or moments within human-to-human conversations and make it simple for everyone on your team to revisit them as well. 

If you are familiar with Symbl.ai’s practical Summary API, you’ll also be happy to know that summaries can be quickly generated for each Bookmark you implement as well. In the case of an interview, the summaries of particular interviewee answers can be shared with others in your organization who have a say regarding who will get the job without them having to A) watch the recording or B) rely on your partial recounting of their answers. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Symbl.ai’s Bookmarks API! Think about how helpful this function would be for salespeople to be able to instantly flag when a customer mentioned a competitor, an interesting use case, or a negative reaction to the product. 

Once again, summaries of these moments can then be shared with others along the sales pipeline to shape the overall sales strategy. Additionally, on future calls with these customers, salespeople can pull up previously made bookmarks and their summaries to enhance the overall interaction. 

Imagine a supervisor asking a salesperson for an overview of customer pain points and that salesperson is able to pull up an entire folder of Bookmarks labeled “Pain Points” that are pulled directly from customer conversations—how unbelievably helpful is that?

Another important Bookmarks use case exists for customer experience and support. Relevant moments—for instance, product critiques or other forms of feedback—in customer conversations can be bookmarked and shared with product teams, managers, and support teams. These insights are then easily translatable to new sales opportunities, and they can also be used to highlight much-needed improvements for a given product or service. 

Symbl.ai’s Bookmarks API allows users to not only bookmark parts of a conversation that they find valuable, but to discover others’ bookmarks as well. Unlike Symbl.ai’s Trackers API, which relies on users to determine the larger themes they’d like to track in the conversation as a whole, the Bookmarks API gives customers the opportunity to flag even just a few seconds’ worth of information, label that part of the conversation, then share its summary with others.

Users can bookmark parts of a conversation both in real time and after it has been recorded. Notably, whatever bookmarks are created can also be linked to a user profile, so there is no risk of being confused about who bookmarked which part of a conversation.

The Bookmarks API also perfectly complements Symbl.ai’s other conversation intelligence features—for instance, a sales rep might have a Tracker set for all customer mentions of a particular competitor. With Bookmarks, that sales rep can take things one step further and be able to flag the pain point from earlier in the conversation that led to the mention of the competitor on the fly.

Conversations can be unpredictable, we all know this, so don’t limit yourself to tracking the topics that you foresee. With Bookmarks, you can choose the moments that are most relevant to YOU to summarize and share with others, or revisit on your own at any time. You can get even more up to speed on Bookmarks via our documentation page.

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Kira Hunter
Marketing Content Manager

Kira Hunter is a writer, editor, and (very early stage) coder working to make conversation intelligence understandable for the masses.