Easily detect and classify keywords, phrases, intents, entities and more with a few simple API calls. 

 Trackers utilize a zero shot learning, open domain architecture, and built with context and semantic similarity recognition to track all key insight occurrences in unstructured conversation data generated in real-time or asynchronously.

Use prebuilt trackers, or create your own

Start with our library of over 80+ prebuilt trackers, or create your own for custom use cases within minutes.

Realtime Tracking

Instantly track and detect all important insights as the conversation is happening.

Create new trackers with minimal configurations

Create custom trackers in minutes by simply providing a few contextually similar keywords and phrases.

Open Domain

No upfront training, simply add your list of vocabulary via the API or management console and you are ready to track.

Bulk Creation & Management

Simultaneously create, update and manage multiple Trackers with ease.

Tracker API

Comprehensive APIs to help you integrate, create and manage your trackers. 

Use Cases

Keyword Spotting

Detect exact and contextually similar keywords and phrases that are critical for any use case

Real-time Compliance

Automatically detect, redact, and/or anonymize sensitive information in conversations. Supports over 75 PCI, PHI, and PII entities. 

Real-time Assist

Detect when customer care agents or sales reps deviate from your customer playbook. Make recommendations to adapt to your customer in real-time.

Detect User Intent

Automatically detect buyer intent, churn risk, and custom intents for virtually any use case in real-time. 


Custom Tracker Docs

Quickly create and deploy Custom Trackers using the Tracker API.

Works in Real-time with Video

Learn how Custom Trackers work in real-time in video.

Management API

Learn how to easily and quickly build and manage Custom Trackers with a single API.