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Deliver insights that impact your bottom line with conversation intelligence

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Easily integrate advanced conversation intelligence capabilities into your revenue and sales applications. Enable sales leaders to capture and analyze customer interactions, pinpointing opportunities for their teams to drive and grow revenue.

Real-Time Call Performance

Understand key conversation drivers as they happen. Track script adherence, specific playbook utterances, and caller intent. Detect when specific risk factors are present like low talk-time, silence, negative sentiment, then take action to win more deals.

Sales Coaching

Analyze call behavior for your top performers and improve your entire team’s skills to increase deal performance. Uncover topic duration, question rate, and talk ratios to create personalized coaching recommendations for each sales rep in real-time and asynchronously.

Trend Analysis

Analyze thousands of sales calls and uncover hidden trends in your customer conversations. Understand what topics are most important to your customers, the most asked questions, and hear from your customer in their own words.

  • High accuracy, multilingual transcription
  • Ingest and analyze voice, video, and text data with a single platform
  • Native integration into your tool stack using APIs or’s pre-built UI components
  • Detect and measure sales team and customer empathy, engagement, and buying signals in real-time and post-interaction

Explore the key features supporting this solution

Conversation Analytics

Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns


Auto detect and analyze sentiment from any conversation


Conversation data classifiers for extracting unique business insights


Auto extract and organize all any conversation by relevant topics


Real-time, intelligent transcription for video, audio, and text