HR and Recruiting Intelligence

Build better interview and candidate experiences by analyzing conversations

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Easily integrate intelligence into your HR and recruiting applications with Improve experience for end users whether meetings are held on your own platform or other popular tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Empower hiring managers with empathy-driven insights that improve behaviors and emotional intelligence during interviews.

Hiring Team Collaboration

With state of the art detection of action phrases, topics, and intents in conversations, highlight key insights to improve decision-making such as candidate performance on empathy, behavior, and competencies during interviews.

Hiring Manager Coaching

Understand and analyze how your team conducts interviews. Create a playbook of the most insightful questions and interview tactics and create a consistent and impartial interview process.

Compliance and Accountability

Ensure that every candidate interaction adheres to your organization’s hiring guidelines and standards. Avoid compliance risks with real-time alerts and dialogue tracking.

  • Detect and measure candidate and interview empathy in real-time and post-interaction
  • Ingest and analyze voice, video, and text data with a single platform in real-time and asynchronously
  • Native integration into your tool stack using APIs or’s pre-built UI components
  • Enterprise class security and privacy to protect conversations

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Conversation data classifiers for extracting unique business insights


Auto extract and organize all any conversation by relevant topics


Real-time, intelligent transcription for video, audio, and text