Vocalysd is a customer-centric, AI-powered, insights tool that leverages Symbl.ai’s conversation intelligence APIs to extract insights from high call volume areas within businesses (e.g. call centers), optimizing client interactions to enhance customer experiences.

About Vocalysd

Vocalysd simplifies conversation analytics by combining human intelligence and conversation AI to help clients dissect business conversations in a simple, measurable way. They know that understanding your customers’ true voice makes business more authentic. And it doesn’t need to cost millions – most companies have a lot of value locked up in the conversation data that they’re already collecting and storing – it just isn’t heard.

Vocalysd CEO Kelly Hoffman (also known as the CVO or “Chief Vision Officer”), founded the company in 2020. A successful serial entrepreneur, Hoffman possesses a proven ability to foster strong client relationships by identifying their real needs, finding the best solution, and ensuring the solution is implemented efficiently.

Vocalysd’s mission: To simplify the conversation analytics process for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to take advantage of the high-value but hidden customer insights in their own data.

The challenges in using conversation data

Everything happens through communication – verbal and non-verbal. The world today wants to be heard and understood in an authentic and meaningful way. By truly listening to your audience, you have better information upon which to make decisions and drive business results.

When humans try to analyze conversations, bias creeps in. It’s also impossible to perform at scale. Vocalysd understands that harnessing conversation intelligence allows you to analyze “unheard” data on a large scale – both historical and in real time – to obtain an unbiased, holistic understanding of the customer journey and experience.

Vocalysd also found that existing transcription APIs did not cope well with the South African accent, creating an immediate gap between voice and text and limiting the ability to extract insights from their transcriptions.

With Symbl’ai’s sophisticated natural language processing ability, Vocalysd was able to solve these issues with ease.

Symbl.ai and Vocalysd working together 

The way Vocalysd uses the Symbl.ai platform is to upload and process audio files in bulk with the various Symbl.ai APIs. The output is then overlaid with Vocalysd’s logic to customize the results and present them in meaningful ways. For example, a speaker’s words-per-minute rate is most useful when contextualized or benchmarked – just one example of where Vocalysd and Symbl.ai meet in perfect harmony.

Vocalysd is currently using Symbl.ai’s async audio API and conversation APIs, and they plan to use the real-time and async text APIs soon too.

Vocalysd infographic

Vocalysd enables customers to automatically extract contextual insights and generate useful analytics on all conversations.

When asked what they were most excited about, Hoffman replied, “To be honest – everything. We absolutely align with the vision of Symbl.ai and what they offer.”

While it was Symbl.ai’s product offering and in-depth understanding of the conversation intelligence space that initially prompted Vocalysd to work with the Symbl.ai platform, Hoffman said she is most impressed with the company’s supportive, genuine, and relatable leadership and a team that’s  “loyal, trustworthy, and operating with integrity.”

Learn more about Vocalysd and how they help businesses use conversation data to create better and more authentic customer relationships.

“Symbl has the most comprehensive and easy to follow documentation I have seen in my 15+ years in the IT space. Truly built by developers for developers. The support channels and constant innovation is a daily reminder why Symbl is by far the best API partner for Vocalysd. The team values align with ours, and we look forward to a solidified and fruitful partnership”. – Kelly Hoffman, Vocalysd Founder and CEO



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