Bringing full visibility into your pipeline with conversation intelligence to make your sales teams more productive.

About RevenueGrid

RevenueGrid is an AI-guided platform that can identify deals at risk and the specific actions that will have the greatest impact on getting buyers to the next step in the sales process.  The platform empowers sales teams with step-by-step guidance on the best content, actions, and communication tactics they can use for any given sales situation.

RevenueGrid also gives sales managers complete visibility into their pipeline, deals, and team activity with automated routines to help them get a better grip on the sales process. With RevenueGrid, managers are able to explicitly manage sales reps’ processes and habits through prompting for missing activity, coaching in the moment and advance notifications before deals are at risk.

Sales Managers need more than just emails to track their teams’ progress. They need full visibility into their pipelines – including the conversations that are happening in calls and online meetings.  

RevenueGrid unleashes the power of AI for sales teams 

RevenueGrid brings AI and machine learning into the B2B sales process with Guided Selling to augment the talent and skills of sales teams. Guided Selling is a new concept in B2B selling that focuses specifically on the needs and of sales teams and the challenges they face. And, the challenges are many.

Today’s B2B buying journey is highly complex making it difficult for sales teams to know how and when to engage buyers and how to best help them at each step in their journey. Simply put, B2B sales teams need all the help they can get.

For guided selling to be effective, sales teams need to know the next best action at every stage of the sales process.  In order to provide these kinds of insights, RevenueGrid needed to offer its customers full visibility into their sales process. This requires access to complete communication data including — and especially — that which occurs in calls and online meetings.

A real-time transcript provides sales rep with instant insights such as topics discussed and follow ups

With, RevenueGrid saw an opportunity to use conversation AI to accurately capture and analyze the voice data from the conversations happening between sales reps and buyers. helps RevenueGrid customers leverage voice data in sales conversations for better results 

With the platform, RevenueGrid applies conversation AI combined to extract key insights that sales managers need to improve their teams’ productivity. helps RevenueGrid accurately capture voice data from calls and meetings to produce highly actionable intelligence. For example, using’s Topics API, RevenueGrid can identify specific topics discussed during a call, which can be used to give sales reps the information they need to push deals through the pipeline.

By combining the AI capabilities that the platform provides, with a client’s communication data and sales processes, RevenueGrid was able to unleash the full power AI for guided selling.

“As a leading Guided Selling platform, we’re able to leverage conversation intelligence to provide our users with real-time coaching and suggestions during their calls.”

“We added conversation intelligence capabilities to our product within couple of months with minimal development effort thanks to’s platform and the dedication and responsiveness of its dev team.” 


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