Update.ai helps customer-facing teams, particularly customer success managers, to make meetings more productive and outcome-driven. They use conversation intelligence to ensure less time is spent on repetitive tasks so teams can focus on building lasting relationships with their customers. With Symbl.ai’s real-time transcription and actionable insights, customer success teams are able to be fully present for their customers rather than taking notes. Update.ai has enjoyed seamless speed to market thanks to working with Symbl.ai’s API platform.

Acing Customer Success Lifecycle and experience: 

Update.ai helps customer success professionals become outstanding relationship-builders. They do this by helping customer-facing teams, particularly customer success managers, run more effective meetings, be more actionable, and share those meetings with their internal colleagues and back to their customers. 

Update.ai is able to achieve this by offering Zoom integrated conversation intelligence that can transcribe in real time, provide smart agendas and recaps, and smart knowledge portals. This reduces note taking time and ensures that customer success managers can reliably follow up on the promises they make, because it’s all taken care of automatically. 

One of Update.ai’s core values is “being customer-obsessed.” This means believing in building meaningful relationships, acting authentically, and promising to prevent problems before they arise. 

Embodying all of their core values is Josh Schachter, Chief Executive Officer of Update.ai. He’s an entrepreneur and product leader with experience building consumer-facing user experiences across multiple platforms. 

Update.ai needed to find a solution to the distractions that routine tasks bring to meetings. These distractions disrupt natural human connection and relationship building.

Overcoming “task overload” for business

Update.ai acknowledges that in everyday business, barriers exist to relationship building with customers. Josh Schachter says that these barriers “surface in the form of task overload – distractions that rob each day and chip away at time, attention, and energy.” They create fatigue, burn out, and employee churn.

Hence, Update.ai came up with the ability to automate overloading tasks such as meeting notes as a fundamental part of their product offering. This frees customer success teams and reduces cognitive load which enables them to be fully present for their customers. 

When researching the market for real-time transcription platforms, Josh found that “there are really not many ways that companies are able to get real-time transcription.” Clearly, there’s a significant gap in the market.

Added to this was Update.ai’s need to generate real-time action items from meeting transcriptions that can be quickly and easily distributed. They needed a solution that could understand free flowing, natural conversations on any topic at all. And it was fundamental that they have a platform for all of this functionality to operate within the tools and workflows already in use. All of this so they could deliver on their promise of “less time on repetitive tasks. More time for what really matters: the customer.” 

“There was seamless speed to market for us. Symbl.ai was able to fast-track our time to market and our development by 6 months. 

You guys [Symbl.ai] have also been very supportive and very proactive in your own customer success efforts.”

Josh Schachter, Update.ai’s Chief Executive Officer.

Update.ai + Symbl.ai 

The gap in the market is met by Symbl.ai. The platform offers easy to consume APIs that can integrate directly into Zoom meetings over telephony or SIP interfaces and extract transcription and actionable insights from the conversation.  Josh explains, 

“The transcription that you’re providing for us is the ultimate foundation of everything that we’re doing, with all of the AI that we’re laying on top. You [Symbl.ai] give us all of the insights and the ability to archive all meeting records.”

Given that Symbl.ai platform is domain agnostic, the conversation understanding intelligence capabilities work across several types of industries and the results are not biased to a type of conversation. This gives Update.ai the flexibility to personalize intelligence and actions based on their desired product experience. 

With this partnership and Symbl.ai’s platform, Update.ai is able to bring innovative and differentiated conversation intelligence experiences in their product with minimal development time and effort investment. They started off using Symbl.ai’s real-time transcriptions APIs, and have plans to accelerate their roadmap with the other contextual and domain intelligence capabilities like sentiments, intents and more.  

For Update.ai, the best part of working with Symbl.ai has been the seamless speed to market. They’ve saved almost 6 months of lead time and the expense of having to build and develop the conversation intelligence themselves. They have also found that Symbl.ai prioritizes their own customer success efforts as well, 

“You guys [Symbl.ai] have been very supportive and proactive in your own customer success efforts which has really made all the difference to us.” 

Josh also believes that there’s a lot of exciting potential for conversation intelligence. He explains, “Symbl.ai is pioneering the next generation of conversation intelligence that’s powered by accurate and real-time transcription. I think all cross functions in SaaS companies can benefit from intelligence that helps to detect things in real-time, as well as after meetings, and can gather insights about what it’s detecting. This functionality will really be able to break down information silos between different cross-functional teams.”

To help make your meetings more productive, outcome-driven, and ultimately to align stakeholders, discover Symbl.ai.