At, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your developer experience. We are quite excited to announce the all new “API Usage” feature. Using this feature, you can dive deep into the world of’s API analytics and usage! The new API usage feature is a dashboard for monitoring and visualizing your API usage, so you can easily analyze how you are using our APIs on a daily basis.’s API Usage dashboard displays API usage on the four basic source types of

  1. Streaming API
  2. Telephony API
  3. Async Video & Audio API
  4. Async Text API.

Using API Usage feature you can find out:

  • Usage for Streaming API vs Telephony API for the last 6 months and understand which is used the most
  • How many minutes per call have you done with an API?
  • You can select the last date range over last month and see overall API usage.’s visualizations for API usage are in keeping with’s own mission to enable developers to connect, transform or visualize. With easy to read graphs of API usage, you are able to readily understand which APIs are used the most, which APIs are used the least. It provides you with deeper analytics of your API’s Usage over time for your product integration growth. Overall, your ability to see API usage puts you in a better position to make strategic decisions.

How to use this feature?

After signing up for a free developer account, you access this feature here: If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free developer account here. It will only take 2 minutes, no credit card is required, and you will get free monthly credits to use.

What is next?

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