Were you unable to attend the February edition of Symbl.ai’s Community Office Hours? Have no fear! The full video of the session is available for you to watch at the end of this article.

Check out the recording for an in-depth discussion about Trackers, a Symbl.ai platform feature that identifies specified vocabulary—as well as the meaning or intention of that vocabulary—in both real time and asynchronous applications.

Top use cases for Trackers include:

  • Sales enablement: Trackers can flag when a customer mentions a competitor, identify objections to proposals, and support pricing negotiations.
  • Coaching: Trackers can support empathy detection by identifying phrases that denote customer dissatisfaction and boost a call center employees’ perceived friendliness over the phone or on a video call.
  • Regulatory compliance: Confidential information such as personal details that are protected under HIPAA and PCI regulations can be identified to help businesses avoid legal trouble.
  • Matching human intention to your business: Trackers can notify employees when there is an opportunity to upsell to customers.

Find out how to access and use Trackers on the Symbl.ai platform in the video below:

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