The Community Meeting for March 2023 will be an exciting discussion on Sentiment Analysis. Throughout this meeting we will cover sentiment analysis basics, several interesting use cases, as well as code/implementation details—plus a live demo!

This month’s meetings will take place:

Come to the meeting if you’re interested in learning more about Sentiment Analysis, have questions about this feature, or want to discuss any random topic related to conversation AI/ML. What’s the best way to do that?

It’s easy! Just…

It’s as simple as that!

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis captures a speaker’s emotions that underlie what is being said about a given topic. A rating is provided and can effectively be broken down into negative, neutral, and positive.

The possibilities are endless in terms of the many ways you can use this feature! Stop by the Community Meeting this month to learn more about Sentiment Analysis.

Join Us, Friends!

Drop by our Slack channel if you have any ideas for other topics to discuss in this Community Meeting and future ones. Until then, I look forward to connecting with you soon at the March 2023 Community Meeting!

David vonThenen
David vonThenen
Developer Advocate

David is a self-described Tech geek and Developer Advocate enabling others to process communications to derive conversation intelligence. David talks Kubernetes/containers, VMware virtualization, backup recovery/replication solutions, adaptors in hardware storage connectivity, and everything else that is tech!