We’re fresh off the launch of our new Communications Intelligence APIs for cloud communications providers, and enterprises with large outbound contact centers. The new capabilities include AI-powered Call Progress Analysis, Call Wrap, and Call Scoring. You can read the announcement here

In this post, we’re going to dig a little deeper into what’s possible with our new Communications Intelligence APIs with a specific focus on Call Progress Analysis (CPA), including what it is, how it works, and how Symbl.ai is able to deliver industry-leading accuracy rates approaching 100%. 

What is Symbl.ai Call Progress Analysis?

First, let’s start with a definition: Symbl.ai Call Progress Analysis uses speech recognition, intent detection, and tone detection to analyze voice streams to identify who or what is answering calls placed by an outbound dialer, including listening for answering machine tones, voicemail messages, and human speech. 

For large-scale outbound calling operations, including sales and telemarketing, maximizing the productivity and results of your people comes down to managing every step of the outbound calling process down to the second, ensuring reps and agents spend as much time as possible on the phone engaging customers versus being connected to machines or calls that have been abandoned. 

Historically, outbound CPA tools integrated with outbound dialers have achieved answering machine detection accuracy rates of around 60-80%, leaving a lot of room for improvement. That’s where next-generation AI-powered call progress analysis from Symbl.ai comes in, removing the obstacles to better outbound calling accuracy and outcomes, including mis-connected and mis-routed calls that waste time for agents and lead to poor customer engagement.

With Symbl.ai, outbound sales and telemarketing leaders can place high volumes of outbound calls with high accuracy in determining if a human or machine is on the line to maximize sales rep and agent utilization and improve customer engagement.

How Symbl.ai Call Progress Analysis Works

Symbl.ai’s Call Progress Analysis combines speech recognition with real-time intent detection to determine if a human or machine answers an outbound call – with high accuracy. By analyzing more than just talk speed, length of message, and length of silence during outbound calls, Symbl.ai understands if the speech recognized on the customer side shows the intent of an answering machine or voicemail greeting or a human answering a call. By taking an approach that leverages both speech and intent recognition, Symbl.ai is able to achieve accuracy rates of up to 98%. In addition, Symbl.ai uses its unique tone detection model to accurately detect answering machine beeps. By gaining a deeper understanding of what’s being said when calls are answered, companies can intelligently route outbound calls to a salesperson or contact center agent, or play an automated message at exactly the right time. 

As a result, companies can optimize outbound salesperson, telemarketer, and contact center agent performance down to the second, ensuring they spend time only on calls that connect with customers, while letting automated workflows handle the rest. 

Flexible Deployments for Faster Implementations

With Symbl.ai Call Progress Analysis, companies can take advantage of an AI-powered CPA product with industry-leading accuracy that can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated more easily into existing outbound dialers and cloud communications platforms.  

  • Works with existing dialers from leading providers.
  • Offered as a WebSocket API that is compatible with most CPaaS, UCaaS, and CCaaS platforms.
  • Highly scalable, designed for high volume outbound calling environments. 

How to Get Started

To see how it works, visit Symbl.ai Call Progress Analysis Documentation.

To learn more, see Symbl.ai Communications Intelligence.

To get a demo, contact us here.

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