Recently, Dan Nordale, Chief Revenue Officer at joined Luisa Onnebrink, Product Education Manager at Vonage and Arin Sime, Founder and CEO at WebRTCventures for a webinar on how to eliminate after-call work in the contact center using generative AI. 

After-call work provides a real-world example of how generative AI can have a huge impact on the efficiency and performance of your contact center agents. This includes removing manual tasks and freeing up time for agents to focus on more high-value work, such as engaging directly with customers. Eliminate After Call Work Generative AI

How AI is Changing the Game in the Contact Center

Below are some examples of the benefits that generative AI can bring to your contact center, including:

  • Eliminating manual after-call work by 75% or more by automatically generating call notes, dispositions, and follow-ups, and automating CRM system updates.
  • Ensuring highly accurate data capture of customer interactions and what happens next – no human error!
  • Improving agent engagement by removing manual tasks
  • Making huge agent productivity gains → 18.75%

See the example below on how a 200-person call center can handle nearly 3,000 more calls per shift by eliminating after-call work:

  • Each agent has 6-minute AHT per call, including ACW
  • Agent performs 1.5 minutes of ACW per call
  • Agent performs 108 minutes of ACW per day
  • 75% reduction in ACW lowers to 27 minutes per day
  • Agent gains 81 extra minutes per shift
  • 18.75% increase in agent productivity
  • 200-person call center       
  • Productivity gain: 2,700 more calls per shift

4 Ways to Improve Contact Centers with AI

1. Agent productivity. Free up your agents by removing manual after-call tasks, such as creating call dispositions, updating CRM systems, and carrying out follows ups.

2. Consistency and accuracy. Capture a highly accurate transcript, call disposition, and record of every customer interaction with a high level of accuracy compared to manual inputs by agents, including key outcomes, questions & answers, and follow-ups.

3. Sentiment analysis. Detect emotional signals, such as frustration, excitement, and satisfaction, or other factors, such as politeness and call closing, to instantly identify quality management and improvement opportunities and agent training needs. 

4. Self-service. Analyze countless hours of human-to-human interactions using AI-powered conversation understanding to identify frequently asked questions and emerging issues. These insights can then be used to inform knowledge bases and self-service channels like chatbots to more quickly identify recurring customer questions and provide more precise answers while avoiding the need to engage agents.  

Drive better efficiency and accuracy after the call

Generative AI opens up new opportunities to optimize the performance of your contact center agents, freeing up their time to focus on customer engagement and delivering the best experiences possible. Drive improved agent productivity, better accuracy, and increased customer satisfaction in your contact center today!

Watch the complete webinar below, and contact us today to learn more and get a demo.

On-Demand Webinar from, Vonage and WebRTCventures
Pete Wermter
Head of Marketing