We’re excited to announce the general availability of the Symbl API Platform, the industry’s first developer platform for conversation intelligence.

Symbl offers a comprehensive suite of APIs for analyzing natural human conversations. Our APIs amplify these interactions in any channel – voice, video or text. It’s all up to you!

Built on our Contextual Conversation Intelligence (C2I) technology, you can now easily embed real-time contextual language understanding with the flexibility and control to build your own unique product experiences.

You have access to:

  • Real-time analysis of free-flowing discussions to automatically surface highly relevant summary discussion topics, contextual insights, suggestive action items, follow-ups, decisions, and questions.
  • Voice APIs that make it easy to add AI-powered conversational intelligence to telephony and WebSocket interfaces.
  • Conversation APIs that provide a REST interface for managing and processing your conversation data.
  • Summary UI with a fully customizable and editable reference experience that indexes a searchable transcript and shows generated actionable insights, topics, timecodes, and speaker information.
  • Full documentation to get developers started with simple use cases like the post and real-time conversation summaries and other guidance.
  • Code samples – A Github repo that contains sample code snippets and apps that can be used in building conversational workflows and integrations with existing products or workflows.
  • Flow Manager that provides a visual editor for no-code reference implementation called “Flows” for some end to end-use cases like meeting insights, Salesforce integration, Slack integration, etc.
  • Unmatched developer support with direct access to Symbl’s engineering teams and broad conversational intelligence developer community

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Need additional support? You can refer to our API Docs for more information and view our sample projects on Github.

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