Every business today produces a lot of conversational data  in many forms like voice, video, recordings, live meetings, sales, and customer service interactions. All this valuable data is sometimes just stored in data centers, costing customers a lot of money and leading to no great value. This data could be used more efficiently when it’s happening in real time rather than living in centers collecting digital dust. It’s as simple as building applets on IFTTT or zaps on Zapier.

Think of it like ‘IF — (specific) Conversation, THEN — (specific) Action.’

We’re building Symbl’s conversational intelligence platform to specifically enable simple, low-code workflows to derive outcomes from conversations immediately. Let’s explore a few areas where conversations can lead to instant actions and help automate processes .

Workplace Productivity

Tools like Slack, Zoom, Loom, Jira, and Google Drive have made business conversations and interactions easier, whether employees are working together in the same office space or remotely.

Here are a few workflow examples to boost workplace productivity through real-time actions in natural conversations:

  • Automatically assign a task to someone on Slack/Jira from a meeting or stand-up
  • Talk about sharing a file in a meeting and have it sent automatically to Google Drive
  • Make all your team demos searchable with transcripts and topics
  • Instantly share updates from interviews and stand-ups

Inside Sales

Many sales conversations happen on conferencing platforms or phones that require tracking on CRM systems and immediate follow-ups.

Here are a few easy workflow examples that streamline sales pipelines in real-time without manually entering data:

  • Schedule any follow-up calls automatically on the calendar
  • Update opportunity-specific details to the CRM instantly
  • An aggregated view of real-time sales discussions on specific topics, mention of competition, etc.
  • Automatically progress leads to the life-cycle stage to set up demos, reviews, etc.

Contact Center

At high volumes, it’s hard to maintain the best customer experience and agent training quality in contact centers. But with continuous conversational intelligence, contact centers can reduce average handling time and increase customer experience.

Add these additional workflows to provide an exceptional experience for customers and contact center employees:

  • Use conversations to automatically enable document verification with RPA
  • Set up and communicate customer visits and appointments automatically
  • Build a live, searchable knowledgebase using historic customer service and on-going support conversations
  • Automate backend processes with no/minimal user intervention such as invoice generation, collection, etc with RPA
  • Automatically recommend relevant knowledge base articles to help agents have a smarter conversation

Symbl flows

There are endless possibilities across industries and use cases of using workflows that can be triggered from conversations. Early customers and developers on our API platform are currently building similar workflows. We want to enable our customers and developers to pre-build, low-code steps for similar workflows. We’ll soon publish some of them as steps for Flows on the Flow Manager (beta).

Here are some sample Flow implementations we’re excited about:

  • Customer service conversation using Twilio Voice → Extract insights → Update on Salesforce CRM
  • Tech teams on any meeting platform→ Extract Insights & Actions → Update Jira tickets
  • Inside Sales call → Extract Insights → Update opportunity on Hubspot

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In the future, we’ll be able to speak things into action. Let’s build that future together.